your past is gone
long erased and forgotten
the trauma, the loss
time has taken them with it
and vanished

it is about time someone told you the truth my dear
there is no use standing in the dark
when you can come out of that hell
just on your own

the poison is not as toxic anymore
the pain isn’t as lasting
everything is an illusion

-You are just terrified of dead snakes

you believe in the end of the rainbow
knowing it’s an end
you wish upon a shooting star
knowing it’s a dead one
you have faith in the light at the end of a tunnel
knowing its pitch black
you toss a coin in the wishing well
knowing it has its end too

all this just proves
you don’t need logic
to believe in magic
after all a miracle is not a miracle
if you had believed in it

hope does not need a reason
hope itself is a reason

sometimes we get so lost in worshiping the sun
we forget the moon makes the tides

smaller things
make bigger differences than you think

appreciate the warmth of the suns
but don’t forget

to cherish the moonlight

Writer – Kimberly Julian / Your Past Is Gone

Featured Illustration – Bram Vanahaeren

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1 month ago

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