Look at him!

As he trips over himself

And falls in front of her

As he professes his mad love for her.

Look at him,

As he glares at that man

Angry because he had the audacity to look at her

Angry because she had the audacity to look back.

Look at him

As he lives and breathes for her

As he endures the pain ecstatically

Contentedly, letting his shallow cuts bleed.

Look at him

Angry at the world

As it hunts him for his weakness,

As he protects his weakness until death.

Look at her

Happily seeing him trip

Sending his wits about him

Waving off his admission of love for her.

Look at her

Cheating behind his back

Letting him think that it’s someone else

Whereas, it’s someone else indeed.

Look at her

As she cuts him with a stiletto

Watching as he smiles through the agony

Not minding the telltale twinge of a dream.

Look at her

Letting the world torment him

As he protects her from the anguish

As he lets her take him to his death.

But then again,

Look at this through a half-closed eye

Let the fuzziness overshadow the reality

For if you don’t like actuality

You can always pretend it’s a dream.

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Eman 💭
1 year ago