World by passion

A soul, an avid reader from south, to persuade his dream, moves towards north

Where he gets bashed just because of belonging to south. 

Turning his head from north, he sets his belongings for east,

Again, the same story: he gets bashed.

But this time because of being a minority.

However, east is in majority.

Only option remains is to turn towards west.

He does so.

Again, story gets no changing:

He gets shunned.

The reason is to be ill fiscally

Though west is strong fiscally.

Bashing from all three directions leads him to stay at his own direction

However, the story doesn’t take the name of change this time too.

He gets disparaged at his own arena.

Innocent soul gets annoyed from all four directions.

Considering the annoying sounds out there,

He decides to dwell his next time away from the typical worldly minds.

For this cause, he climbs the stairs beside his room.

Arriving at the roof, he gets his feet towards an old room over there.

Room is too gruesome to spend a life there.

There is piercing silence and slaying darkness.

Sounds of some insects and animals as the only sound.

He considers that room as his new world.

However, this room acts as same as world did.

Hooting of an owl and creeching of bat reminds him of the annoying sounds of world;

Irritating buzzing of bees around his ears bring him back to world 

Who irritated him by bashing around his ass.

Howling of a dog and meowing of cats make him look back how he cried.

Despite that he doesn’t come out of that room

Because of facing failure again.

He sticks on its commitment of spending some time at old room.

He tries to adopt all the botheration.

He takes: 

An old room as his entire world;

The silence and darkness of the room as his rewarding sound and light of his failure;

Buzzing of bees as annoying sound of the world that is meant to be shunned;

Dog and cat as his intimate sufferers and their howling and meowing as his cry.

Books over there remind him, his passion of reading,

Nothing he left to do

So, he takes books as his true essence and inspiration of success. 

He makes his new world in that room by taking the books to read.

Involving himself so much in books, he forgets all that he endured.

Gradually, he starts to love the sound around there at room.

By time, he loves silence and darkness.

Afterwards his phase of reading, he starts to get

What he wanted from all four directions.

Every time he gets out of room,

He gets bashed by calling “dog of an old room” or “absconder from failure”!

By reading books he becomes so strong,

That he doesn’t give a damn to what he hears.

He just continues to stay inside room.

His motive behind straying all four directions was to discover the world

Whom he called his dream.

However, once he gets involved in the world of books,

He realizes:

Why did he not follow passion of reading?

Travelling was mere an interest of the moment.

Through the straying of all four corners of the world,

He would have discovered only world.

But by loving the books,

He discovers more than one world.

There is nothing in this world.

Actual world is the world of own

Which we make from our passion.  

By reading, this boy made his own world;

By writing, a writer makes his own world of portraying feeling;

By singing, a singer makes his own world of inserting music to emotion;

By painting, a painter makes his own world of picturing hidden minds;

By photography, a photographer makes his own world of capturing beauty.

His passion lets him to make his own world rather trusting this bitter world.

Though he forgot his passion

But his passion didn’t forget him.

(“Do not leave the passion for world but form the world from passion!”)
World by passion

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