This feeling in the bottom of my heart

The same one as in the pit of my stomach

Or in the back of my head

Colors are leaking out of me

All forming a shade unknown

But the words needed to let the universe know of this feeling

To let the universe I belong to become aware of the feeling

That makes your throat go dry

And all you want is a drink so you can speak again

But instead it feels like the whole ocean just wiped you in an era of tiny moments

It feels like the huge sea drowned you

You just kept standing there

As it washed you with its waves of sadness

But wait, this feeling isn’t just sadness

Back up a moment,

Go through your era of your tiny moments

This universe doesn’t own you

It belongs to you

You don’t need to let it know of your feelings

It is already aware

And it is helping you with your words

This universe that you own

You try to, at least

With all your art and your words

You try to fit as many stars as you can in the pockets of your overalls

Because who knows when you might see them again

But the universe knows

The universe already has plans of allowing you to swim through its lights

And for a moment,

If you will allow it

If you will just believe

It will let you fly through its galaxies

And it will let you walk through its swirls

It will let you own it

If you allow it to be yours

Some days, you forget what you owe the universe

There’s always a price to owning stuff

And to owning the universe,

It might cause you your peace

But you see,

That’s the thing.

The universe wants to be yours

Whether you own it or not,

It was made for you,

The sunlight travels millions of miles to shine on you

And when it leaves, it is only for you

So, you can have the moonlight on your words, too

Most days, you despise the moonlight,

Because you adore it so much

But all it does is witness your sobs

And the screaming and the yelling

All it does is watches

As you try to whimper quietly

Your face pressed close to your pillow

So the sobs stay hidden

But the moon sees,

And because it loves you

It lets the sun come back up

So at least, you will stop hiding

And even though, that feeling

That feeling spreads in your body,

The sunlight makes flowers grow for you

The universe that you sometimes refuse to own,

For it has hurt you, so, so much

You still let it make your hair fly in the wind,

And let your eyes flutter

As you try to grasp on a clover leaf

For, you see

The universe wants you

It doesn’t mind if sometimes you want to burn it all up

It still wants you

Let this sink in,

This miraculous, magnificent, majestic universe wants you

It’s all about you

So, let it be

Own it

It is all for you, about you, forever with you.

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