Pakistan is a country where if you try to express yourself, you’re either made a joke out of, or you’re shamed. There have been so many examples of these very lines in the past few years. // Why Tahir Shah is Better//

One such example is Taher Shah. You probably know him as the guy who sang ‘eye-to-eye’ and ‘angel.’ Both of which, by the way, went on to become viral in the sub-continent. But what did we do instead of looking for meaning behind the lyrics or appreciating his worldwide fame?

We made a joke out of his english and his songs.

Because that’s what we do. Killing talent before it even has the chance to flourish.

But, now that most of us have moved on from making jokes about Taher Shah, the meraki fam is here to tell you why Taher Shah is actually better than most of us.

So, throw away your memes and your judgemental statements and read this:

He Writes Words That Matter

Don’t make that face while reading this. I have not lost my mind as I type this. Taher Shah, sadly went viral in Pakistan because of two things;

  • His English.
  • The clothes he wore in his music videos.

But, the actual truth behind his song lyrics is deeper than what meets the eye.

In his then-latest video ‘Angel’ Taher Shah spoke about being like an angel while dressed as one.  It was the perfect, laughable music video.

But according to an official blog post on his website, there was an ideology behind the song. The song according to Taher Shah, wanted to focus on three elements, ‘loneliness, love and children.’ These three elements are what bring humanity closer together and therefore, we should spread love.

Seems too bizarre to believe right? Read the paragraph above again, and then re-watch the music video again.

Despite the Judgement, He Expresses Himself

Taher Shah does what most of us fear to do; express himself the way he wishes to. 

If you express yourself out of the barrier of what is considered to be ‘normal,’ you get these looks: And as expected, Taher Shah got them too after the release of his first song, ‘Eye-to-Eye’

Judge Judy GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

But, he seems to be a man made of steel and commitment to his passions. Despite all the people who were quick to judge him; there he was, releasing his next music video with as much pride as he did the first one.

With his seemingly amateur videography crew, and family members as actors, Taher Shah does what we can only dream of, letting his passions drive the way he expresses himself.

Take notes, Pakistanis. We could actually learn from this guy.

He is Pakistan’s Angel (Literally)

    Another reason why Taher Shah is better than most of us is because, despite the criticism his music videos received it actually went on to win an international award.

Winning an international award is a big deal. That award being from the USA, is an even bigger achievement. // Why Tahir Shah is Better//

And Taher Shah? He made it big while also lifting Pakistan’s name high up into the soaring skies (understand why I called him Pakistan’s Angel?) 

He’s an Inspiration for All of Us

Most people, when subjected to hate and criticism, fight fire with fire and hit back just as harshly. Not Taher Shah. He seems to have one and only one life rule; peace and love.

Even amongst the hate back then, he tweeted thi

Whilee would be threatening our haters like, han btao kahan rehtay ho. I’ll beat you up with my boys.

Taher Shah just went on with his life while calling his fans ‘loveable.’

Taher Shah is kind.

Taher Shah does not respond to hate with more hate.

Taher Shah expresses himself no matter what.

Taher Shah speaks about what matters.

Be like Taher Shah.

// Why Tahir Shah is Better

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Kinza Sheikh
3 months ago

So insightful! This definitely gave me a new perspective

2 months ago

thought provoking and actually a really positive point of view. Appreciative!