It was Friday evening when the sun was waving goodbye and clouds were dancing in the sky, Huma asked me “why humans can’t fly ?” I didn’t bother to look towards her to answer the question. My eyes were set on the sky in front of me.

I wondered for a moment that why is she has so many questions? Why there is always something she wants to know? My mind didn’t come up with an answer to my question but for her out of nowhere.

Without turning towards her, I said “Maybe because after getting wings, they will go out of reach. Far away from everything, and leaving everything and everyone abandoned.” My words may be broke her heart as usual.

As usual, I failed to coat the sugar to soothe her. But is there any way to bring back the wood from ashes or any way to revert back the time? Unfortunately not. A fallen leaf can’t attach back to the tree.

It is a rule of nature, once my teacher said, that to always move forward. There is no way back”. I wonder, what would happen if a man finds a door that leads back to the past? I asked this to mom. With the spark in her eyes said, ” I would have killed your dad long ago than”.

I felt relieved knowing that instead of correcting the errors of her history, she chose to be the one. Maybe there is no point in being history but at that time there was no other option for her. After all, humans are strangely made of sand and dust.

Featured Writer – Umang Kumar

//Why humans can’t fly?

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