Why Banning Youtube Is Not An Option?
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The Reason Behind The Hint On Banning YouTube In Pakistan

YouTube Ban in Pakistan
YouTube Ban in Pakistan. Image by gulfnews.com

Considering the sectarian crime done by Mr. Shaukat Ali recently on YouTube become the reason for the Supreme Court to take notice of what is going on at digital platforms especially on YouTube. Why Banning Youtube is being a norm of news these days?

 Justice Qazi Mohammad Amin and Justice Mushir Alam heard this case and said that people are independent and have the freedom to ask questions from us but we also have the right for privacy preservations.

Some years back almost 3.5 years of ban on YouTube in Pakistan was made,  after which Google had offered the localized version of YouTube for Pakistan.

where they can edit and have control on all data as well as viewers can use YouTube video downloading option too.

According to PTA and FIA, they have no control over data else of the option for reporting, therefore the content can’t be managed accordingly of the restriction which became the root cause for Supreme Court to gave hint on making a ban on Youtube in Pakistan.

Banning YouTube in China

China had banned YouTube, Facebook and many other applications which are designed by the U.S.

but what they did for recovery of their growth and competing with media is that they came out with their own designed substitute versions for the applications like YouTube etc.

But can we do this; is Pakistan that much capable in terms of technology and software that it can build its own versions?

The Alternative Of YouTube In Pakistan Or Other Solutions:

The point to notice is that China knows the value of technology and trends; they know that leaving software and applications will bring economical and knowledge loss, therefore they managed it by creating their own.

YouTube Alternative
YouTube Alternative. Image by twitgoo.com

What is our alternative to YouTube in Pakistan for managing this issue if we ban YouTube, what we have next to look after on?

If we consider for a second that YouTube is banned than probably people will move on to daily motion and this sort of application for videos but the issue will remain the same though that content crime will raise from their too.

This means this is not the permanent solution, we have to work on the proper alternative of YouTube in Pakistan or we should resume with YouTube but with restrictions.

If PTA and FIA can’t handle content as it’s not in their hands than the government can develop some laws and set some rules, and the regulation with strict punishments through this content wouldn’t create violence.

As YouTube banning is not an option at all we have to find another way for resolving the matter.

Why YouTube Banning Is Not An Option At All:

Banning YouTube is not an option at all as pros of banning is far less than cons, the reason behind is;

Economic Loss

economy loss

YouTube is gaining us a lot of economical profit, if we ban YouTube, it will cost us the loss of 400 million as of this digital industry worth it.

It is a giant loss in this very hard time of pandemic where already countries including Pakistan is facing financial crises with a stop on total growth.

The Educational System Will Face Severe Issues

As in the quarantine time period, the educational system is facing downfall, till many months there was no way out there in Pakistan for continuing education.

after losing a great amount of time we introduced the trending strategy in the country of giving online classes for resuming education.

but of course, students need more demonstration and information because of which they went a lot on YouTube for visual guidance of their projects for getting a detailed demonstration of the required topic.

Skill Learning

skill learning

Skill learning trend in Pakistan before was only considered through coaching centers, which cost a lot of money.

while not everyone can learn their desired skill at that time, but through YouTube, people are learning their desired skills, from makeup to personality grooming till arts and so on with free of cost just by youtube videos.


Why Banning Youtube Is Not An Option?

YouTube videos had every possible genre due to which everyone got what interests them which is directly proportional to entertaining each and every individual.

even due to it YouTube Pakistani songs got more fame and coverage and were all again introduced and got freshened up.

The audience is more up to on YouTube songs, as music is the food of soul and matches with every mood, what about all this entertainment, from where will we get it then?

Individual Income And Growth

YouTube has not only provided us with economic profit but also with individual profits, numerous entrepreneurs, singers, musicians, designers, artist, bloggers have set their business on YouTube through videos.

As popular you-tubers receives $2,500 monthly which means 400,00 in the current exchange rate, establishing a business on YouTube is not an easy task, it required full-time dedication and brilliant content for standing out as separate and above just like any other business, they have worked for their day and night for earning through YouTube, what about their income than?

Pakistan’s Face Promotion

Pakistan is a very much underrated country, through YouTube beauty and culture of Pakistan has been presented so beautifully that our tourism and image have increased out to be good.

After YouTube how we would present a better image from the initial stage, people are doing so good through vlogs, they are representing every possible positive face of Pakistan from food to streets till villages and other regions in Pakistan along with the culture.

no freedom

There are numerous Vlog creators from poles apart regions in Pakistan, each of them represents different content which will sum up on youTube under the title of Pakistan tour, have plenty of videos, along with national VLOG makers many foreign tourists had been witnessed to visit Pakistan and made Vlogs including Evazubeck and many more because of which Pakistan’s fame for beauty and culture has been raised so much, including economy too.

Many people have a craze for travelling world while their budgets don’t allow them, their desires of seeing the world is also fulfilling somehow through youtube too, from where will the watch the beauty of the world for free than, and after banning youTube no Vlog can be made from Pakistan, then how the attraction for tourism would be created?

Independent Film Industry

Why Banning Youtube

Media plays an important role in entertainment, income, and morals for the audience, many films industry or short video makers had independently started to make the videos.

They have bought total expensive gadgets for it, designed content and have sets for better backgrounds.

They have done too much for creating good content on YouTube like some famous names are; bekar vines, Karachi vines, khujlee family, moroo, junejo, etc.


youTube has provided Pakistani audience awareness in every possible field as around 32.5 million users will lose access to YouTube and all the information and awareness of their desired genre.

The Reaction Of Celebrities On YouTube Banning Hint

On hearing this news related to YouTube many content creators and actors along with some political celebrities had also come in front for speaking for the rights of the digital age and its requirements, tweets from some of them are;

fawad chaudary
tania adrius
usama khijli
zara noor abbas
shaista lodhi

The Reaction Of Audience

on many different posts which were uploaded by celebrities and content creators has received a huge amount of reactions in which audience has given their review about youtube banning, reviews were really good as people are literate enough to distinguish between good and bad and they are known with the need of technology and applications.

replies on the post which had been received on Instagram were 99.99 percent in total favor that youtube shouldn’t be banned on any cost, of course,all replies cant be added in this article but some of them have been, check them out;

Why Banning Youtube
Why Banning Youtube
Why Banning Youtube
Why Banning Youtube


Due to the above reasons, the ban on YouTube is not an option at all, while baking any of the application is not an option, not even bingo, TikTok or pubg as every person who owns a mobile phone or laptop has a sense for right and wrong and it’s their call to use the technology in the way they want, it can be in good or bad way it totally depends on the user, at least PTA should consider the reviews of majority.

or still, if any application is to be ban by PTA than they should have any B-plan for it otherwise the loss would be huge not only in the form of finance for economy and individual.

But also in a sense of creativity, productivity, entertainment, education, and in the presentation of Pakistan’s image, above all this, we would be years back from an abundant of knowledge and media.

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