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In today’s age where people have finally started to pay attention to topics such as ‘mental health’ and ‘self-love’, we see the word ‘psychologist’ being thrown around a lot. Let’s take a minute to actually know who psychologists are.

According to the dictionary, ‘a psychologist is someone with a specialty in psychology’ which, let’s face it, is an extremely vague way of telling someone who psychologists are.

Who Are Psychologists?
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The general perception of Psychologist

A lot of people generally hold a negative view about who psychologists are. They’ll call them stuff like ‘psychos’ or ‘the people who pursued this career because they’re crazy themselves’ (an actual statement I heard from someone). It is this exact thinking that needs to change. Because you can’t look at someone with a degree in psychology and say ‘Oh so that’s who a psychologist is!’

So, instead of relying on the internet, I decided to ask my friends for their opinion on who psychologists are. It was both heart-warming and nice to see that our generation holds such a positive view of psychologists. They didn’t say anything negative but explained it better than any website on the internet could.

Who Are Psychologists?
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What makes a psychologist

In order to understand who psychologists are, we need to understand what makes someone a psychologist. It goes well beyond just having a degree. It is their patience and their unbiased thoughts and opinions about people as well as the world. Psychologists have a certain way of listening to people without any judgments involved; and no, this isn’t because ‘they’re psychos themselves’. It is because they realize and empathize with someone who is emotionally or mentally disturbed. A doctor will tell you there’s something wrong with you and then treat you medically, a psychologist will listen to you, hear you and then work through the problem with you. That, in a few words, is exactly who psychologists are.

Who can understand your mental health?

We’ve gone from not understanding mental illnesses at all to knowing that they really are illnesses where your brain is not functioning as it should. And while close friends and family can help you cope with the illness, it is a psychologist who can truly take a look into your brain and find out what’s causing it distress.

A psychologist is not just a person who listens to you and decides the mental health or status of a person rather the entire process is a cycle of observations, interviews, interpretation of behaviors, managing interventions and implementing those interventions and that is not all who psychologists are.

Field of Psychology

The field of psychology is further divided into a number of subfields that are based on the specialization of psychology that one studies.

One of the most common specializations that most people opt for is clinical psychology whereas others may include forensic psychology, aviation psychology and many more.  The field of psychology is continually expanding and is developing many new fields that are relatable and can cater to the needs of the general public but sadly in our parts of the world, there are still people who still do not realize the importance of psychology, and often end up asking questions like ‘who are psychologists?’ or ‘aren’t they similar to psychiatrist?’. Often creating confusion between the two professions. But if one actually studies, both of these professions are poles apart and have different degrees of education.

Who Are Psychologists?

When people get to know what psychologists do, then often think that it is nothing compared to what other professions practice and never look at the other side of the coin. Being a psychologist emotionally drains a person, the job itself is demanding as the patient often doesn’t follow up after their first visits.

Lastly, a psychologist may take time to become established in their career. So before you ask the question on who are psychologists and what they exactly do, please remember that they are one of the most underrated and hard-working professionals of the society that often never get credited for the work that they do.

Cheers to all the psychologists out there!

Who Are Psychologists? // Sarah Salman // The Meraki Magazine

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