Pakistan is a country of readers and people here in Pakistan love to read. There are a lot of book readers here because books are the only way to escape reality for a moment (only a reader will understand what I just said). As some of us are looking for short things to read. Easy, interesting, and short to fulfill this desire. We use magazines in Pakistan.

Magazines fulfill the need for reading and the good thing about magazines is that you can read many different articles on your favorite niches. For example, you can read many different articles on fashion in a fashion magazine. Also, you can try many different tastes and styles. So, for all the magazine lovers, we bring you a collection of top magazines in Pakistan or you to read and try. Many of them are already hitting the right chords and some are gradually coming up. In other words, we will cover different magazines and their niches but first, let’s talk about the types in which magazines are available. So, without wasting more time, let’s get started.

What Are Digital Magazines?

Digital Magazine
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We can say that magazines that are available online are called digital magazines.

In other words, magazines that you can read easily from your phone or laptop are digital magazines.

It is easy to access therefore many magazines in Pakistan are operating only in the internet world. There are both pros and cons of digital magazines. We will talk about it below.

What Are Print Magazines?

print magazine
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It’s very simple. Magazines that are available in print form are called print magazines.

Magazines that you can have with you anytime. There are many print magazines in Pakistan.

Also, a maximum of them is also available digitally. They reach out to each and everyone who loves to read them.

Digital V/S Print

Digital V/S print
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Which Magazines In Pakistan Are Hitting The Right Chords?

Best Fashion and Lifestyle Magazines in Pakistan

There are a lot of magazines there when it comes to fashion and lifestyle. As we all know, Pakistanis love to read about fashion and style, therefore there are hundreds of fashion magazines in Pakistan. As a result, there is a list of magazines in this niche but we will talk about the best fashion magazines in Pakistan.

Hello Pakistan

Which magazines in Pakistan are hitting the right chords?
Cover page of Hello Pakistan.

Available in both digital and print, Hello Pakistan is one of the known fashion magazines in Pakistan.

The publisher of this magazine is Zahra Safiullah. Hello Pakistan talks about fashion, culture, and glamour in Pakistan. Moreover, their main purpose is to celebrate the country.

Zahra is bringing to you the local version of Hello Magazines.

They have been providing information and entertaining Pakistan since 2012 and they have an average sale of 20000 copies per month. 

She Magazine

Which magazines in Pakistan are hitting the right chords?
Original photo by She magazine.

One of the leading and best magazines in Pakistan, She.

Available in both print and digital, She is one of the most popular fashion magazines in Pakistan.

Not only do they talk about fashion and provide tips but they also talk about all the latest trends in Pakistan.

The best thing about She Magazine is that every individual works hard to make their effort worthwhile and this made them a popular fashion magazine in Pakistan.

Fashion and Showbiz Magazine

A popular online magazine, Fashion and Showbiz Magazine talks about the latest fashion and celebrities of Pakistan. This magazine comes in one of the most popular online fashion magazines in Pakistan. Want to know the latest news about celebrities and fashion? Then this one’s for you.

Mag The Weekly

Which magazines in Pakistan are hitting the right chords?
An original photo by Mag the weekly magazine.

A fashion icon in Pakistani print media, Mag the Weekly is (as their name says) a weekly fashion and lifestyle magazine.

How can we forget Mag the Weekly when we talk about the best fashion magazines in Pakistan?

Mag is one of the largest weekly selling magazines in Pakistan.

They cover all fashion and lifestyle news and feature many articles on health and beauty. Cheap but informative, a perfect fashion magazine to read.

Best Food Magazines In Pakistan

All the foodies out there, Hushyaar Hushyaar! This part is for you guys. Pakistanis are crazy about food. There is nothing else there when there is food around you. I know you cannot wait for more. So, let’s have a look at some of the best food magazines in Pakistan.

The CookBook

Which magazines in Pakistan are hitting the right chords?
An original image by The Cookbook magazine.

One of the most popular food magazines in Pakistan, The CookBook has everything from delicious and mouthwatering recipes to informative and exclusive interviews of chefs.

The cookBook is number 1 print magazine in Pakistan (food) with more than 2 million viewers per month on their website.

Their highlight is their exclusive interview section in which interviews of famous and well-known chefs are there. Foodies! This is definitely for you guys.

Master Chef Pakistan

Which magazines in Pakistan are hitting the right chords?
photo by Master Chef Pakistan.

Master Chef Pakistan in one of the famous online food magazines in Pakistan.

This magazine includes all the delicious recipes. Also, they try to bring out the chef inside you. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, desserts, and drinks.

Whatever you are making, they have all the recipes. The best part which I personally loved about them is that they also have a section of where to eat.

As a foodie, we all want to know the best places with the best taste to try and this magazine has it. What else a foodie needs now? 

Arts and Literature

There are not many art and literature magazines in Pakistan. There are few but they are best. So, let’s have a look at some of the best arts and literary magazines in Pakistan. 

Pakistan Today

Pakistan today covers arts and literature and they also are a news magazine. Also, you can find national and foreign news here. They have a great variety of content. From news to entertainment, they are one of the best. As a Pakistani, we need a magazine who talks about stuff happening in our country and this is the one talking about that stuff.

Mental Health Magazines In Pakistan

Which magazines in Pakistan are hitting the right chords?

What? There is not a single magazine in Pakistan who talks about mental health. In this era especially in the current situation where there is a lot to digest, there is not a single magazine that talks about mental issues? Wait, there is one small magazine that covers all the mental health issues.

The Meraki Magazine

Which magazines in Pakistan are hitting the right chords?

Our generation is weak when it comes to mental health and peace. As a result, we are struggling inside but we are not brave enough to share our issues.

The Meraki Magazine is the only magazine in Pakistan that covers mental health. We are not only a mental health magazine.

Meraki is all about creativity. Our magazine talks about art and literature and features a lot of new and talented writers. We are talking about mental health and are featuring articles too.

From things to do when you feel unwanted to simple ways to live happily. We are providing the best we can to help you in your difficult times. The only mental health magazine in Pakistan, The Meraki Magazine at your service. 

Magazines play an important role in our life. Also, reading does not harm anyone. If not books, one should read magazines to learn and grow. We just mentioned all the best magazines on different niches. So, choose your niche and start reading. We wish you a happy reading..

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