Where Rainbows End – Cecilia Ahern // Manahil Naghman

A story about love, and how life gets in the way.

            Entering the beautiful and breathtaking world of Cecelia Ahern’s “Where Rainbows End”, also a film called “Love, Rosie”, this awe-inspiring love story is narrated by letters, emails and messages rather than text itself. Its genre is Young Adult, but it has a twist in how it’s written.

            The author shows an entire lifetime of two best friends Rosie and Alex by their messages, emails and letters in over 550 to 600 pages (depending on the edition but first published by Harper Collins Publishers).

            Rosie and Alex, always partners in crime, did everything together. At age eighteen, there’s one thing, one experience and one moment that they fail to share which results in them plunging into different directions.

They keep in touch, but everything keeps them apart and how far can you go for love when you could cause earthquakes trying to get what you want.

            Reading it at first, I found it a bit inconvenient as this way one couldn’t get into the mind of the protagonists because its basically only conversations if you think about it but a few chapters in, I started loving the book for how it was written, and the way that letters or emails could get lost on the way, always kept me on the edge of my seat anticipating for more.

            The author writes perfectly about crushing reality and how things have a way of both getting in the way and working out on their own. You can see the brilliance behind the writing as even through this unique way of writing, the book still has a way to touch your heart.

            I would certainly recommend this young adult read for all those craving a different view point into this genre.

Where Rainbows End – Cecilia Ahern // Manahil Naghman

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