What to do in quarantine other than sleeping?

With the start of the new academic year, with the start of your jobs and classes, you wished for nothing more than a few days off, a little break, a little more time to yourself. Managing your studies, your social life and your sleep can be draining. // What to do in quarantine

However, with the outbreak of the CoronaVirus, you actually have time to catch up on things that you’ve missed out or wanted to do. Your mind would be full of ideas on how you might pass the time. 

Here, The Meraki has listed the most common activities everyone wants to indulge in but with a slight catch. 


What to do in quarantine other than sleeping?

The biggest disadvantage of having a full routine is not having enough time to sleep and rejuvenate yourself. Well, now you can sleep and dream to your heart’s content. 

Since the quarantine came into effect, my brother would stay up all night and sleep all morning. A week later, I crossed paths with him in the living room around eight in the morning, upon asking him about it, he said,

“Soo soo k thak gaya hoon” (I’m tired of sleeping). So, that’s that.


What to do in quarantine other than sleeping?

Once you’ve slept as much as humanly possible, you’d want to do something else to escape the infinite boredom. Your first instinct would be to try and catch up on all the movies and TV shows that you’ve missed. Which should keep you busy for a long time or at least that’s what you think would happen.

What to do in quarantine other than sleeping?

About a week into the quarantine, I had caught up on all the series that I wanted to watch, and also saw a couple of new ones. I watched a lot of movies as well.

However, a raging headache and consistent ache behind my eye sockets were enough of an indication that this activity was also done for. I had exhausted all of my options. What now, you ask?


What to do in quarantine other than sleeping?

Well, once you’ve exhausted yourself with the excessive screen time, your conscience urges you to do something productive. As an attempt to be a bit of culture, you pick up a book. That one book that you’ve been meaning to read but haven’t had the time.

If you are as obsessive as I am, you’d probably be done with your novel within a few days. Now, that you’ve done that, you won’t mind watching another series or a few movies. Win-win.


What to do in quarantine other than sleeping?

Eating may not be considered as that big of a deal but the art of keeping yourself occupied is in the little details. Not only is this a way to keep yourself happy but it’ll also make your mother happy. Cook that dish you’ve wanted to, bake that cake! As it’s an immersive activity, you can involve your family members as well. 

What to do in quarantine other than sleeping?


What to do in quarantine other than sleeping?

About two weeks in, you decide to be a good child and help out around the house, starting from your room because you’re just that bored. Well, you clean your room.




Then, when you think that there isn’t anything more that you could clean, ask your mom to come into the room and look around, I am a 100% sure that she will find at least ten things for you to clean, that’ll keep you busy for a day or two. 

Now what? Everything’s spic and span. I know, change the entire layout of your room. Take a day to plan and prepare, another day to get the things that you might need, one more day to move the heavy things around again and again until they feel just right.

You’ve updated your room and now it looks good as new. It’ll give you the motivation to work or read or watch series for a few more days and like this, you’ll be able to keep busy for almost a whole week. YAAAY!! Well, you’ve done all that, now what?

What to do in quarantine other than sleeping?


Spending time with your desi family seems like a really bad idea but desperate times call for desperate measures. When you’ve run out of things to do and it’s a life or death situation where you don’t seem to have any other choice, go sit with your parents.

What to do in quarantine other than sleeping?

If you’re a girl, you’ll be sent into the kitchen about a hundred times just to make tea, then, your mother will keep on giving you one task or the other. 

What to do in quarantine other than sleeping?

When she’s done with that and you finally sit down to relax, you’ll probably say something that was meant to be a joke and your parents will remind you of every irresponsible thing you’ve ever done. 

After about an hour of this, you won’t have any problems in doing, literally, anything else. So, a dose of that will urge you to read, write, paint, clean, cook and/or watch movies or series. You’re welcome. 


What to do in quarantine other than sleeping?

Music is a big part of everyday life, at least for me. I listen to music all the time, while eating, while reading, while walking, while working and sometimes when I’m super bored in class. One of the perks of the quarantine is that you have ample time to listen to music, Eminem released a new album and so did the Weekend. After the first week of social isolation, I’ve listened to Eminem’s songs so frequently that I’ve memorized it by now. // What to do in quarantine

What to do in quarantine other than sleeping?

I think I’ve listened to so much music, on the loudest possible volume, that I’ve gone a bit deaf. Songs are perfect for every possible situation and they’ll keep you engrossed. 


What to do in quarantine other than sleeping?

Well, you do have a lot of time on your hands. You could try dabbling in a few activities that you were too busy to try. 

Let those creative juices flow.

Write that article.

Paint that picture.

Basically, do whatever makes you feel happy. This is a hard time for all of us and the only way we will make it out of this with our mental facilities intact is to keep ourselves happy.

Divide your time between activities so as not to get bored of them, regulate your sleep schedule, try to eat healthy and keep yourself distracted. Hope all of us get out of this safe and healthy.

Be safe and wash your hands.

// What to do in quarantine

The Merakian – Zoha Junaid

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