Pakistani dramas serials have always been family-friendly, meaningful with decent humor and heartfelt dialogues but then something somewhere went wrong and the race of ratings began.

What Is Wrong With Pakistani Dramas ?

Numerous entertainment channels made their way to the television screens and despite creating more amazing content they started copying each other to the extent that almost every entertainment channel airs similar content.

Usually an industry starts from the bottom and reaches the top but Pakistani drama industry did the exact opposite!

It started with the best and gradually lost their grip and now as you all may have watched the dramas, our industry is at its lowest regarding the content of the drama serials.

Yes, we do have some amazing drama serials and scripts but comparing them to the numbers of drama serials that airs all year, the ratio is really bad.

Why is that? Why don’t we have writers like Haseena Moin, Anwar Maqsood or Bushra Rehman anymore? Why don’t we produce dramas like Angan Terha, Tanhaiyaan, Dhoop kinare or Alpha Bravo Charlie

It’s easiest to make a Pakistani drama now! You don’t believe me? See you don’t need any new creative mind to write a story. Why would anyone wanna watch anything creative these days? Duh. 

What Is Wrong With Pakistani Dramas ?

There are some common storylines, around 5 to 6, and all you get to do is a little change here and there and voila! A new blockbuster is ready!

What Is Wrong With Pakistani Dramas ?


A super rich boy with good looks, good looks and good looks will fall in love with haseen but bechari larki.

They will get married but then an old friend or cousin of the hero will appear on the screen and curse the heroine for marrying her love and will forget about her entire being and gather all her energy and brain to make her life miserable.

And our very own hero who is supposed to be a CEO of a multinational organization falls into the trap!


The ever classic saas and bahu issues can’t leave our dramas! A wicked, greedy saas and i-don’t-have-a-tongue-of-my-own kinda bahu, who cooks, clean and wash everything in the house but still gets taunts by her mother in law 


A witch-cum-evil bahu and a really nice saas that bahu wanna kill and have the entire house to herself. These classics are never gonna grow old and would take the game of TRPs to the top!


Even with really normal financial status, Pakistani dramas heroes threat their wives throughout the dramas that they’ll marry someone else and eventually they do. The thing that I really do not get is why is there always a girl who wishes to marry such a man. Why would anyone wanna marry an already married man who couldn’t respect his wife? 

These are a few plots that you would watch every now and then on Pakistani entertainment channels. That’s what the audience wants, right? Why do people wanna watch shows like Game of Thrones, Money Heist, Supernatural etc? Who watches that? 

See how easy it is to make a drama these days? You can also add some evil and ill-mannered relatives and there you go! A masterpiece is ready!

What Is Wrong With Pakistani Dramas ?

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What Is Wrong With Pakistani Dramas ?



What Is Wrong With Pakistani Dramas ?

Calling someone characterless in a drama is so common that every other drama that airs has at some point had a scene where the female lead would be called characterless or shameless in front of the entire house and everyone would believe it, because why not?

Even though they lived with her and known her their entire life, if someone is claiming that she is characterless then she might be.

Kahin deep jalay’ and ‘Khoob seErat’ of Geo entertainment show female leads abused in the name of loyalty.

Our whole dramas revolve around these stories and the audience seems to have no problem with it.


Pakistani dramas only revolve around girls and women. Naive, pale skinned, innocent, submissive, quiet, shy heroines who suffer their entire lives. Sobbing/crying women, a woman being beaten and abused, a woman being harassed just as she steps a single foot outside of her house is all that every writer and producer comes up with when making a new serial.

What Is Wrong With Pakistani Dramas ?

What about men, children, teenagers and elders in our society? Why do Pakistani dramas only have plots related to shadis, finding a life partner, life after marriage, bewafaye, talaq and dusri shadi.


And oh we don’t show a well-qualified, decent, career oriented, sensible girl as the heroine. How can someone with these traits be a heroine? Are you out of your mind? She has to be the villain! She will hatch the most evil plot and conspires so brilliantly that super villains from superhero movies would take notes!


Then comes the I Can’t Move On Characters. You will find them in every other drama. Whether it is a guy who is obsessively in love with the heroine or a girl crushing over the hero, if they can’t get the love of their lives, they would turn into these super irritating and annoying characters who, instead of finding someone else, would make the lives of the leads miserable.

What Is Wrong With Pakistani Dramas ?

You would find them in ongoing serials such as ‘Rabba mainu maaf kareen’ and ‘Mai na janun’ on Geo Entertainment and HUM Tv.


Showing a good husband who actually loves a girl, who doesn’t believe a single word against her is such an alien concept to us that if, by mistake, we see a drama with such ‘man’ in it, we go crazy about it. Well in reality this is how husbands should be!

But no, not in our dramas. Every drama has this plot where a man doesn’t trust his wife and will label her characterless in no time. And instead of leaving him with dignity, the girl will cry and cry and cry till the day she dies. 

Even if they show a good, trustworthy, loyal husband with all the qualities of an ideal human being. Don’t be happy. Because he will die sooner or later in the serial. #SedLyf

SAZISHAIN (Conspiracies)

And what’s with the har waqt ki sazishain (conspiracies)? Mother in laws conspiring against their daughter in laws, nandain conspiring against bhabhi’s, and even though the heroine knows the whole truth.

She would keep her mouth shut till the very end because being a mazloom heroine would make thousands of women relate to her character!


There was a time our dramas were considered to be the best. Even in India! But now we started having the similar plots and scripts as them and it sucks. Quality over quantity is the way to go. Our old classics had strong female leads, we had stories of people other than bechari aurat.

We need to see characters like “Shehnaz” of Alpha, Bravo, charlie – “Dr Zoya” of Dhoop kinare – “Sanya and Zara” of Tanhayaan again on our televisions. And above all we need dramas that focus on the lives of people of every gender, caste, color and creed.

It’s high time that we start making dramas with innovative and creative ideas that would attract an audience globally!

What Is Wrong With Pakistani Dramas ?

By Farheen Qureshi

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