// What if your plants talk?

What if the beings you planted
Could thank you for your work
Tell you that they don’t take you for granted
That you have planted this herb

Let yourself think this thought
Of what the world would be
Of how this change if would be brought
How you would be, how we would be

What if you could hear them talk
Talk like humans talk
What if you could hear them say
Say all that and more of what humans say

What if you heard the tiny plant
That you embedded in your lawn
Tell you in its childish voice that it can’t
Thank you enough for the kindness that you have showed on

Wonder what tales you would hear

When you lay beneath its shadow
The legends of great men and the fear
As you went to sleep below

What if when the wind blew
It carried the whispers of the infinite leaves
Into your mind and through
The secrets all of nature believes

Let yourself wonder at what if
When a tree was cut down
You could hear its cries as it became stiff
And the sorrows that the stump will surround

Imagine as the ancient ones
Called on you as a murderer of their kind
Recalling all the terrible sins
That have been done by human kind

Imagine a tree begging you to not
Take it away from where it has lived
More decades that you can think of
And more lives than you can think of gived

What if when you roamed a forest
Or even when you saw a group of trees
You could hear in them the tallest
With the young tree disagree

What if they had feelings too
What if they talked like us humans do
What if they also spoke of their spirits
And the other ones were also critics

Hear as the old tree gave wisdom
And the young ones listened
They saw as others invaded their kingdom
And their whispers of warnings quickened

So, listen hard to what the trees say
Because its you that they are warning
They have seen calamities kept at bay
But also battles and those most terrorizing

They might scream when you cut their branches
Curse you for your evil bluntness
The trees might thank you for the water

And they might give you sense to wonder

So be careful of what you hear them say
Be cautious and heed their warnings
Because if the trees could speak today
We would not be here longer darlings.

Featured Poet – Minahil Naghman

// What if your plants talk?

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