We are Artists // Eman Khalid

Somedays I am so full of life,

some days I can barely get out of bed.

Somedays I feel as though I am the most beautiful girl who existed,

other days I can’t even look at my reflection in the mirror 

without the feeling of utter disgust. 

Somedays, I want to go out and meet new people,

other times I’d go weeks without talking to anyone.

The truth is that, 

I am not perfect,

and well nobody is. 

We all go through that feeling of emptiness at least once in a while,

some go through it more than others do,

some feel things more than others do.

So we find our solace in art, 


and poetry. 

We are the sensitive ones.

Art is the outlet for our feelings,

otherwise we’ll go insane. 

We spend most of our lives,

under the roof of our houses

within the four walls of our room,

sitting at a table with a candle lit beside us. 

We are the ones who are awake at 3 am in the morning, 



and creating. 

We’re not the perfectionists, 

but we are the one who love the hardest,

and once we’ve fallen,

we will never forget you. 

Who are we? we’re artists.

Feeling too much, 

some say it is a blessing, 

some say it is a curse. 

We feel what others feel.

We can hear,

the cries behind their silence. 

We can see,

the sadness behind their smile. 

We are highly compassionate, 

and highly intuitive. 

At times, 

this feeling becomes too much for us to bear. 

So we bleed metaphors,



and poetries. 

Unto the pages of our diaries. 

Until someone, 

a reader, 

stumbles upon the pages of our souls,

and it helps them heal, 

it helps them realize, 

that they aren’t alone. 

It helps them realize

if the writer of this book can survive, 

so can I,

so will I.

We are Artists // Eman Khalid

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