Individuals are parts of societies no matter where they live in the world. As members of societies, they have responsibilities to improve the states of the world. They should improve the communities they live in. They should help others. So, they make resolutions to contribute to societies. People can do that on small and large levels. So, they should find ways to discuss the needs of others. They should pay attention to those around them.  

Individuals can do things that benefit society in the long run. Here are certain ways people use to contribute to society:

Be Kind:

Kindness is not glamorous necessarily. However, small gestures of kindness are a great way to become useful to communities at a one-on-one level. So, individuals should help another person in communities. When they spot opportunities to make direct interventions then they should grab them. In fact, they should do it with a smile. For example:

  • People can help an elderly woman or man to cross a busy street.
  • Individuals can buy a homeless person a meal. They can chat with them while they eat. They can give them money too.   
  • People can go and help someone if they see them struggling to carry a heavy package or open a heavy door.

2. Show empathy:

Friends, co-workers, and family are members of society. Individuals can show them emotional support or empathy. If they want to talk about negative experiences with others, then they should let them share their experiences as well. For instance:

Ways People Use to Contribute to Society // Sumaiyah Ali

Tell friends:

“Sorry, you are struggling so much this term. That sucks. Want to talk about your classes? Let’s have a coffee. ”

This will help them if they are having a hard time in school.

  • If a colleague has lost a loved one recently, then say:

“That is hard to go through. I am so sorry. I am happy to sit and listen if you want to talk about it.”

3. Stay in Your Lane:

People should stay in their own lanes. They should accept others as they are. Individuals talk loudly, they are high-strung and are late at times. They believe things that one does not believe in and like things one thinks are boring. People do things that one does not agree with. Individuals should accept that as reality. They should love them anyway.  

People should take responsibility for themselves. They should own their decisions. Individuals should focus on important things. They should save their energy.

People should see themselves instead of others. To stay in one’s own lane is a conscious practice too.

4. Do Not Be Judgmental:

People should remember that none broke anyone. When someone talks to them about a problem, then they should remember that they do not have anything to fix. Their role is to listen. They should think about how they can learn from situations. Individuals should think about how things apply to them. Human experiences are universal.

People are in situations together. Judgments prevent individuals from connecting with others, though. So, if someone talks to them, then individuals should understand them only.

5. Volunteer at Organizations to Help Others:

Volunteering is an awesome way to contribute to local communities. People can help others who are less fortunate than them too. Volunteering takes small amounts of time every week. It can make a huge difference in the lives of individuals in societies around them. So, depending on their personal interests, people can:

  • Volunteer at local food banks or homeless shelters.
  • Volunteer at local hospitals.
  • Help the Red Cross.
  • Build homes in their area for humanity with habitats.

6. Give Blood to Help Unhealthy Individuals:

People who have injuries they need blood transfusions frequently. Individuals can help those ill people by donating their blood. Local hospitals do semiannual blood drives. Local blood banks search for new individuals to donate blood too. People can search online. They can find places to donate.

Little drops of water make the mighty ocean. Everyone can contribute to societies if they have the will. People do not need heroic acts. Little acts of kindness or being responsible towards societies do the trick.

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6 months ago

Sumayya Ali, dear more success to you. This is really amazing. 👌 ❤️