Village gets sealed in inner Mongolia, Chinese region by Authorities after a resident dies from bubonic plague, which is very old deadly diseases responsible for the death of thousands in human history.

It happens on Sunday in Baotou city while the deceased was diagnosed to be suffering from the bubonic plague on Thursday, Municipal Health Commission of Baotou city stated on their website.

Bubonic Plague
Map of China showing Inner Mongolia region

There is no clear reason how the victim gets affected by the plague. Moreover, according to the statement, the cause of death is the failure of the Circulatory system.

Bubonic Plague is a severe infection of the lymphatic system caused by bacteria named Yersinia pestis. It spreads through infected fleas or animals, like rodents etc and can be transmitted to humans if bitten or scratched by one. It kills an estimated 50 million people in Europe during Black death pandemic in middle ages.

It is one of plague’s three forms ,that causes painful swollen lymph nodes, fever ,chills and coughing.

With the help of antibiotics, that if given at the early stage of infection can cure infections, the rapid spread of plague was prevented in Europe in the Middle Ages.

As it was not eliminated entirely, it strikes back recently, leading WHO (World health Organizations) to categorize it as re-emerging disease.

Suji Xincun village, where the victim lived, is sealed off by authorities to control the spread of disease. They have also offered daily disinfecting sessions in homes, however, all villagers have tested negative according to the statement.

Patient’s 9 closed friends and 26 secondary contacts, who may be infected are quarantined and have tested negative, commission said.

The district Damao Banner, has been put on level 3 for the plague prevention, until the end of this year.

So far two cases of bubonic plague has been reported in china this year, And this is first ever death from the plague. The first was reported in July in Bayyanur, another was in Inner Mongolia city, which leads to level 3 alert and closure of several tourists spots.

1000 to 2000 people gets plague every year, according to WHO, but it does not account for the unreported cases.

Possibility of plague exists on very continent, especially United States, parts of Brazil, southeast Africa, China , India and Middle east, according to 2016 data. Bubonic Plague in China

According to Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention, there have been few dozen cases of plague every year in US. In 2014, eight cases of plague were reported while in 2015, Two people in Colorado died from plague.

Total of 31 cases reported of plague in China between 2009 & 2019, which includes 12 deaths, according to National Health Commission.

Baotou authorities warned locals of “spread of human plague epidemic” on Thursday and urged them to take precautions and seek immediate medical aid if they experience symptoms of fever or coughing.

Bubonic Plague in China
A worker sprays disinfectant at a school in Inner Mongolia, where two people have died of the plague.(Reuters)

Authorities are also urging locals to limit contact with wild animals and to avoid hunting, skinning or eating of meat.

According to China’s state-run news agency Xinhua, two brothers who had eaten marmout meat were diagnosed with bubonic plague last month. Couple in Mongolia died after eating raw marmout kidney , in May 2019, which was thought to be folk remedy.

Type of large ground squirrel , marmot is eaten in some parts of China, is believed to have caused 1911 pneumonic plague epidemic. It kills over 63000 people in northeast china. Popular among traders for its fur, marmots infected fur were traded and transported all over the country affecting thousands in its way.

Article by Mushual Jahan

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