Vaccines Against COVID-19. The pandemic of COVID-19 has created a state of panic among the public. As of now, the public only knows that it is a virus. This virus started at WUHAN, a province in China. People know that patients infected with this virus have problems breathing.

This is so bad that people often need ventilators to survive. This new strain of Virus has kept the researchers on their heels. They are trying to know more about the virus. More importantly, they are trying to figure out how they will fight this infectious agent.

We are always aware of the researchers that international scientists come up with. The information that they pass. However, we often overlook research from our very own country.

Yes, this will be surprising for you that many of our researchers are in the lead for developing testing kits and what not.

A Proud Moment for Pakistan

Our fellow citizens did one such recent research. These are scientists from Govt. College University Faisalabad. These researchers have helped to give some sort of breakthrough in the development of vaccines against the novel coronavirus.

Let me break up to you what the research is about. Our immune system is made up of many cells that help protect our bodies. Two of these types of immune cells are called the B-cells and the T-cells. Now the virus is made up of different types of protein. Some are even used to maintain the structure of the virus. Without its protein a virus becomes useless.

The researchers have figured out the exact B and T-cells that will help to play a role in destroying these viral proteins. Researches of these types are what will help develop vaccines for this pandemic.

Vaccines are considered one of the best methods to destroy a virus. You can have a look at several viruses that have been eliminated from the face of the Earth just because of these vaccines. Now keeping this study as base research, other scientists can develop strategies on how to use B and T cells to destroy the virus.

Researches like these are our only source of hope for eliminating this virus. Because at the moment, we can only wish that some scientist makes a breakthrough discovery about this virus. In this way, we can not only treat the disease but also prevent it from happening ever again. 

Read out the research here

// Vaccines Against COVID-19

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