Urdu slang is the informal language that we people used when having a conversation with our friends in order to make fun of the other person.

We people have mastered over the art of Urdu slang and on daily basis we proudly use those Urdu slang which are extremely offensive.

Some Urdu slang are good to use but many are offensive and needs to be stopped.

Here is the list of Urdu slang which needs to be stopped immediately.

Kalla/ kallu

Translation: black

People in South Asia often use this word to describe a person with a dark complexion.

This word is used as a joke or in a demeaning manner. Its so bad to say something like this on the basis of complexion.

Its 21st century and still we people have differences due to skin complexion. We can’t accept someone as they are. So, stop using this Urdu slang.


Translation: lid

This word is used to describe the person who is slow or slow in understanding everything.

It is mostly use as to bully someone or to make fun of someone which is wrong.

I never support bullying; any type of bullying and all the people should do the same.

Its okay of a person is slow, they will take their time to open and to understand everything. There’s no need to say Dhakkan.


Translation: loose

People use this Urdu slang for the person who is weak and who acts foolishly.

They think that he can’t do anything because he is weakly built. He has no strength at all, he needs to have stones in their pockets.

Basically, what we people are doing? We make dun of people on the basis of complexion, on the basis of their built.

Which is ill-mannered and needs to be stopped immediately.


Translation: walnut

This slang word is used to describe Pashtuns as brainless people who don’t have any intelligence. Get your facts right.

The Pashtun community has produced some very fine professionals and intellectuals throughout history, Bacha Khan being one of them.

The word is not only politically and factually incorrect, it is a stereotype against a community, which we need to crush.

Sindhi Manho

Translation: Sindhi People

This term is used widely in Urban Sindh and Punjab to ridicule Sindhis. They are called so because they have their own set of traditions like wearing a Sindhi topi and ajrak and speaking with an accent.

Sindh has a very rich culture filled with poetry and folk tales. Just because Sindhis have a different lifestyle, language and dialect doesn’t mean that anyone has a right to humiliate them. We should respect everyone.


Translation: belong to a village

We people think that we have become so modernized that we have the right to say Paindu to the person who belongs to a village.

Instead of appreciating someone from the village, we are making fun of them and are humiliating them which is highly unacceptable.

It is one of the common insult people faced in Pakistan which needs to be stopped using immediately.

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