Ungrateful // Eman Khalid

How ungrateful you are,
for having everything 
you need.
Yet complaining,
for all of the things 

you don’t have.
For all of the things
others yearn to have;
a roof over your head,
a warm meal,

a good education,

a healthy

and a heart that beats.

How grateful you should be,
for this gift called life.
Yet all you do is,
think about the past.
Being bitter about the
events that had long been gone.
I say,
let bygones be bygones.

Don’t take life too seriously;
take it as it comes,
take it as it goes.

There are far more things to worry about,
than the size of your body,
and the softness of your pillows.

You may laugh at me,
but I’ll say it anyway,
there are people out there
who sleep on rocks.
Yet they possess,

a heart;

as soft as a feather,

as mesmerizing as gold,

as beautiful as the first rays of the morning sun.

There are people out there,
who barely eat thrice a week,
they don’t forget,
to thank god;
every night before going to sleep,
for the things that they have.

There are people out there,
who wake up,
to the sounds of bombs exploding,
instead of birds chirping.
There are people out there,
who live under one roof,

with the people who hurt them,
but they can’t leave them;
because they love them,

and they are bound to each other;

by children,

they cannot abandon.

There are people out there,
who have lost,
their loved ones,
to cancer,
to suicide,
and to drug abuse.
So why do you,
take your loved ones for granted.
You never know,
the last time you’ll see someone,
the last time you’ll talk to someone.

Stop being so ungrateful,
stop creating problems,
that don’t even exist.
Stop being so bitter about everything,
stop reminiscing your past’s painful memories,
stop remembering those who hurt you.
It is impossible to not be sad or hurt,
but don’t allow your pain to overstay.
Don’t allow your sadness to make a home in you;
don’t allow it to consume you,

overcome you,

and break you.

Don’t take life too seriously,
let life flow through you.

Take everything that comes,
be it sorrow or joy,
failure or success,
it’s all a part of life.
Bad times build you up,
good times make you more appreciative,

for all of the things you’ve been through,

and how you overcame them.

Don’t be so ungrateful,
for the life,

you’ve been given,
a life others wish they had.

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