Social media has become the path of entertainment for our daily life hurdles but, for all of us, a moment comes where we start stressed out in our social media community. //tweets which will make your day

There are estimate 60-70% people whom their social media accounts are feeding depression. 

Even though social media disturb our mental health still there are numerous positive and motivational routes that encourage our minds and calm our mental health.

The Meraki Magazine is here sharing 10 Mood changing tweets of positive and motivational aspects.

Have patience.

The tweet is claiming that courage is necessary but having patience can help you out much better.

Decide and do it.

Here man is encouraging all the successful procrastinators to decide to do it and do it.

The fortitude of a big man.

The majority of us, including me, are pretending as 70-80 at the actual age of 18-20 though here is this man of 80 not willing to give up no matter how hard it is being for him. so, what was your excuse?

Don’t give up.

The tweet asking us to rest if tired of the tough task but not to give up. No matter what DO NOT GIVE UP. Sooner or later we will succeed.

Child you rock!

The child is professing from his action that we all have braveness in us. Be strong!

Words of worth.

Simple words but incredibly worth saying.

Stay Hopeful.

This Covid19 or coronavirus will turn into something good, hopefully. InshAllah. Stay hopeful. All we have is hope.

Learn to say Don’t.

This little girl is teaching us to say Don’t do unnecessary things in life. I hope you will learn and follow this.

The Reminder.

You are still having a chance. God is great and after all, we all have to turn back to him sooner or later.

After sharing these tweets to you The Meraki is trying to explain to you that everything is both Good and bad, stressful and serene, all you have to find is good and calm for that will be best for your mental and physical health.
// tweets which will make your day

The Merakian – Ibtisam Fatima

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