Recently the much-awaited song Tum Tum was released. It was the biggest collab of the year. Singer Asim Azhar, Shamoon Ismail, Rappers Talha Anjum and Talha Younus, TikToker Areeka Haq and You tuber Raamis all worked together in this song. It also included a few cameos like Mooro, Hania Amir and Asad Siddique. Whereas so many people trolled Areeqa Haq on social media, many people were also excited about this song. It was expected to be a masterpiece. But was it really worth the wait? We saw that Tum Tum memes kept us hooked even more than the song itself.

Tum Tum; Same Old, Same Old

"Tum Tum" Wrecking Expectations

Pakistan’s movie songs and stories always wander around a girl who is a gold digger, heart breaker, and cheater. Unfortunately, it was the same in this song.

In this video Areeqa Haq who is a famous Tiktoker as well, played the role of a gold digger who falls for every other rich guy just for the sake of money.

She cheats and dumps every one of the guys unable to fulfil her materialistic desires. This is what we have been watching for years. And here it comes again!

Rappers all around the world are shifting their rap lyrics towards social issues and problems. However, Pakistan is still stuck in the same mess.

We can make much better content which is creative and innovative but we choose to produce the same storyline again and again.

What Tum Tum Song Is Trying to promote?

If you have watched the video then you must have seen how Asim Azhar is sitting in a bar and drinking. After some seconds, you’ll also see that the girl slips him a pill in his drink and ends up stealing his money and car. Wondering when the tables were turned and girls started doing to guys instead of the other way around which has been happening forever.

Tum Tum memes

In another scene, they’ve made smoking seem cool. Promoting drinking and drugs in a song you know will be viewed by every age is irresponsible.

Moreover, it did not miss the chance to convey the message that a girl dresses herself in a certain way only to attract a man.

At the end of the video, Hania Amir is seen walking on the road and the guys form a group to catcall and stare at her.

Moreover, Hania’s expressions clearly portray that she enjoying the attention. It also shows that there is nothing wrong with staring and discussing a girl who is walking at night alone.

In this country where little girls are fighting against harassment and sexual abuse, our media is normalizing it. They leave no chance to objectify a women and her body.

The Pakistani Dilemma

Tum Tum memes

No matter where the world is heading it is the Pakistani dilemma continues to stereotype.

Instead of making better content or lyrics that could empower the youth, they chose to sing about a girl having no goals except money.

The girl is always looking to rob a guy for ‘Gucci’ or ‘Louis Vuitton’ like she has nothing better to do.

Why is this the only message we have for this generation?

As artists or celebrities you lie in a position of power which makes it your responsibility to produce quality content.

Then why is it that we have nothing better to show other than gold diggers and cheaters. And yes I’m not saying that they don’t exist but they certainly do not represent the majority.

If you have heard tum tum and watched its video, then don’t forget to share your opinion in the comments section below. Tum Tum memes are all our favourite what are yours?

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