Travelling around the world is all about packing your bags, taking a leave from office without a guilt and impatiently waiting to experience something new in your journey. This is what travelers like us grow on. Obviously stinky plane’s food and uncomfortable security protocol is part of it but admit it we enjoy it too but in a weird way

Despite all this we like to travel to earn an experience, to escape the routine and most importantly to make memories.


But sadly with the big Corona outbreak we are stuck at home and the only places we can visit is T.V lounge, Bedroom, kitchen and the “REST” stop i.e. Toilets.

WOW! who would have thought instead of going through Swiss alps or clicking a picture at Niagara Falls we would be sulking in front of our T.v sets OR munching ourselves to death. Who would have thought instead of taking a tour of Louvre museum you would be taking a tour of your lobby again and again and again.

2020 has been a year of disasters. I agree, no arguments there. So, what if you can’t hop on to a route to Maldives or Paris, worry not as I bring you top SIX things that you can do when you are not travelling.

Here we go.

1. Learn a new Language

Learning new language is always fun. Every one has their own preference over which language they want to learn. For me it always been French. Because I feel it is a language of LOVE. As Stephen king said

French is the language that turns dirt into romance”.

So, you can pick a language of your choice and have fun learning it.

A new language can be beneficial for you when you are travelling around the world. It eases communication for you while visiting a foreign country. Also it encourages interrelation of language and human nature. Since learning a language helps you in various aspects its better to learn two to three languages.

You can always learn quicker by listening to foreign music.

Now a days its extremely easy to learn any language of your choice, thanks to apps like Duolingo. Plus you can always learn quicker when you watch a foreign movie with subtitles on. Also, learning a new language opens a new career choice for you.

The easiest language to learn is Spanish as it’s grammar and speaking will come more naturally to a English speaker. It will be like going from playing football to ultimate Frisbee.


2. Learn To Paint

If you love traveling around the world and have an artistic side to your personality , you can always pick up a brush and paint a famous monument you recently visited or cherish.

Monuments like Statue of Liberty or the iconic Pyramid of Giza are the few examples that you can work on, also if the painting turns out good you can display it over your fireplace or a console.

If you are new to painting then all you have to do is follow these simple tips and you will be labelled as Picasso of this generation. First of all You need to choose your medium wisely. For some poster colors are the easiest medium to handle. Water color and oil paint can be tricky for beginners.

Then make a list of things you love to do and then paint them.

You can always seek inspiration from nature and embrace the natural beauty. Talk to people from different culture and learn from a different view.

Discover a piece of music that makes you feel like a free soul Try to remember anecdotes from your travel and try to depict it in your paintings.

And ta da !!!!! You have a master piece.


Painting helps you in numerous ways. For starters it develops emotional growth. It strengthen your memory. It helps you to relief stress , so the fact that you can not travel in lock down will not get to your nerves. Most importantly it makes you an optimistic person. So, just add a beautiful piece of Mozart in the background to make the experience more soothing.

3. Be A Travel Blogger

You can start your own travel blog. You can share your experiences from your previous travels.

If you are not familiar to what blogging is, do not worry as I am here to help you.

First of all you might wonder what is the purpose of writing a blog? Well when you write a blog based on a travel, you actually play a role of a story teller, who invites people in to his or her world and let them learn and explore through your personal experience.

Such as share anecdotes and help people to choose the perfect place for travelling.

Food is an important experience of the travel obviously, so you can shed some light on all different kind of cuisines that you have tried. Such as Kebabs in Turkey, Creme Burlee in Paris, authentic Arabic Shawarma in Middle east, Tacos in Mexico and so on.

To get you started here are some of the ideas, you can write about

  1. Your First holiday.
  2. Discuss your future travel plans.
  3. Write about YOURSELF, let people know you personally so they connect with you on a personal level.
  4. List out your favorite tourist attractions.
  5. Recommend books on travel
  6. Explain how traveling around the world helps a person to grow emotionally.

Obviously being a travel blogger comes with its own perks , like getting free stuff, satisfaction of achieving something, inspiring others and most importantly making memories.

Because since traveling around the world is restricted, we can always relive our memories.

travel blogger

4. Watch Movies Based On Traveling Around The World

To give yourself a taste of travel in lock down you can always surf for movies and documentary based on traveling.

The idea is to feel alive and relive the experience you had in past. Because movies depict life, Our very own lives, it tells us stories that we have been through or have suffered through. Movies encourages emotional release and introduces us to different cultures.

Also, it even teaches us how to sit, talk or even eat in a particular environment. It teaches us how to love and how to forgive.


It tells us travelling around the world can be educational, fun and worth experiencing. Movies inspire us as an individual. Eat Pray Love is one of the most beloved movies when it comes to travel.Other movies that are must watch are Hangover ( all parts), Under the Tuscan Sun(2003), Zindagi na milegi dubara, Around the world in 80 days and so on.

On the other hand documentary teaches us history about a particular event or a personality that has huge impact on our world today. It builds a sense of humanity. It also educates about countries with rich culture such as Turkey or India.

5. Make A Photo Book Based On Your Travel In Lock down

OK, You might wonder why in this digital age you need a photo book, well first of all i would like to mention when you travel you make thousands of memories. Memories that you might want to cherish later on in your life and nothing beats the old school style of photographs preferably if its a Polaroid.

The best part with travel photo books you narrate your whole story and its like your personalized story book.

PLUS, you can make one online which is super easy and cheap. And this is what you need to do.

  1. Choose the Travel Photo Book Option
  2. Select your template.
  3. Upload your Travel Photos
  4. Start adding photos and designing
  5. Preview, save and send!!!! It will be shipped to you in no time.

Another benefit of making a photo book is that it becomes a memoir for your children to cherish their whole lives.

Also, when life gets you stuck in a rough patch, you can always brush up on your travel diaries and cherish what you have experienced with so much love and laughter.


6. Plan a Travel Theme Party

Okay, this can be fun if you follow the rules (also do not ALERT the government *HEhehehehehe*)

  1. Invite limited people because you know ” Its Corona time”
  2. Make masks and sanitizer mandatory.
  3. Get cute cut outs of aero plane and hang it all over the place.
  4. Print out fake Boarding Passes.
  5. Add some cut outs of famous monuments such as Eiffel Tower.
  6. For food, You can add snacks that are from different part of the world
  7. Such as Nachos, Churros , Momos etc
  8. Order a cake shaped like Earth
  9. Include music from all over the world BUT
  10. Last but not the least make a photo booth where people can make their favorite holiday pose and enjoy!

I know we miss travelling around the world, like anything BUT it is just a phase and it shall pass, mean while try to feed your passion for travelling with the activities list above. Soon Corona and this lock down will end. Here to happy travelers *Cheers*

Happy travelers = Happy souls!

Meanwhile leave below your thoughts on travelling restrictions and how are you coping with it ? Travelers shall Live !

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