Everybody wants to lead a happy life, especially when you are teens and you have so many desires in your heart. In fact, young age is considered as the golden years of adulthood when you are so ambitious. It seems beautiful when life goes smoothly on a right track but it’s so painful when suddenly your life change its way and moving you towards the worst phase. Sometimes, it’s hard to share the painful chapters of life which frozen you for a while and take you in the past. Yeah… but it is true that nothing stops and life goes on like the flowing river. /Transformed from broken to whole

 As Life is not a bed of roses. So, I also have faced the worst time in my life when I got marry to the wrong person at the age of 21. It’s about 10 years ago, when my life was completely changed due to early marriage after intermediate. It was the time when I had so many things to do in my life but I dropped out.

I belong to an educated and noble family and have faced a lot of troubles in my life due to early marriage but I didn’t know that the guy was completely a psycho and due to his frustration, we had no physical relation from beginning. I was so scared because he abused me mentally as well as physically. My life was full of never ended problems, and my in-laws were such a greedy people who tried different tricks to torture me every day.

My life was getting worst with every passing day and I was suffered from extreme depression due to the life’s circumstances which gradually started spoiling me.  Later on, my parents started my treatment and took me to the psychiatrist. It was the time when I cry all the time. I have never spent any single day with joy or peace during my so-called married life. Time flies, but the psycho man didn’t realize his mistakes and

finally, I got divorce after 2years.  Afterward, I was mentally upset and also a victim of depression, but I quit my treatment, stopped taking anti-depressants and decided to move on in my life with the help of my will power and I’m succeeded.

 I decided to move on in my life just for parents’ wish. That’s why I started my studies and finally I did my graduation in the year 2010, then my parents supported me to continue my studies, so I did my master’s in Education in the year 2013, and after completing my masters successfully, I have been started writing since 2013, and I write for social causes, women rights for different newspapers, magazines and blog websites for the purpose of raising awareness among the masses of society. It was literally hard to move on after an unexpected incident of my life. /Transformed from broken to whole

 In the journey of these 10 years, people taunt me as divorce is still a taboo in our society. Well, life goes on, and I accepted all challenges of life. The thing which is still painful for me, the past has gone and I burnt those chapters but its influences are still in my life which dooms my personality and spoils my present and future as well.

I’m still justifying myself in front of all but I’m thankful to Almighty Allah who has given me the strength to heal myself on my will power which becomes my strength in the hardships. I would like to share the most important strategy that helped me to beat the depression is writing which gave me an immense pleasure and provided an opportunity to explore myself through my skills. Continuous efforts of becoming a writer helped me as my Psychotherapist and I’m healed from fragmented soul into whole.

Summing up, it’s difficult when you can’t find words to describe the pain you feel. Likewise, I’m feeling lost while sharing my story with you guys. The lesson what I’ve learnt in my life is, how to live with courage in the time of agony. How to live alone when you are in the crowd and nobody favors you. It’s hard to manage when you have lost all the sweet relations and face their anger since 10 years just because of that wrong person.  Yes… it is painful to face all the hardships but thank God Allah never leave me alone.  He always gives me strength to fight the challenges. / Transformed from broken to whole

Indeed; life is a blessing and a precious gift of Almighty Allah, and I’m living it for myself, foremost reason is my parents and those who are connected with me, and my life who morally support me at every step of life and make it beautiful by their presence.”  So, don’t get upset over petty things and let it go. Just live your life with a positive approach, and whenever you feel upset, try to indulge yourself in an activity which helps you to distract yourself from all the negatives of your life.

So, guys – Get up, know yourself and be your own psychotherapist. /Transformed from broken to whole

Pirah Aijaz

First Published on 21 May 2019 at 12:00 PM

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