Together ForeverHe woke up when the scorching beams of sunlight, coming from the glass window, fall upon his closed eyes as soon as he turned his back towards the window. With his squinted eyes, he tried to look at the wall clock to see the time. It was almost 12 in the afternoon. He was surprised that why she hadn’t woke him up today. He looked at the bed and didn’t found her there next to him. He then tried to remember what had happened last night and his brain showed him how they both quarrelled on the issue and slept without saying goodnight. 

“My father is asking me to get a divorce from you.” Her voice was still echoing in his mind. 

Rania and Haider fall in love with each other and decided to get married. Haider who was living alone after the death of his parents in the car accident decides to marry Rania. Her mother agreed after seeing the happiness of her daughter but Rania’s father has some different plans for his daughter. He wasn’t happy with the status of Haider as he wasn’t as rich as him. He wanted to stop Rania from marrying her but he knew that this will create distance between his relationship with her daughter.  //TOGETHER FOREVER

After two months of their marriage, he started forcing Rania to get separated from Haider. And told her that he’s becoming a reason for embarrassment in his social circle. Rania was so close to her father and have never disrespected him. She knew how much stubborn he is. But his stubbornness resulted in something really dreadful. 

Together Forever

After not finding her in the room, he quickly stood up and washed his face so that he could come back to his senses. His head was spinning but he was worried about her.

He opened the wardrobe to get his clothes and he got surprised after seeing the empty cabins of his wife. In his night suit, he left the cabinets and ran towards the dressing table and got shocked after just seeing his stuff there.

Now he was getting the answer to this sight. He was familiar with what she was up to. He leaned with the wall and tried to overcome his thoughts that were running inside his head. //TOGETHER FOREVER

He was about to fall down. 

After waiting for some minutes, he gathered himself up and ran downstairs to the kitchen. It was empty. He couldn’t smell the cheese omelette today as always. The launch was silent as never before.

He was losing his hope with his every step. He then ran towards the entrance door and opened it quickly as if he saw something behind the closed doors. She was standing in the porch and was looking at the window of her room. She was looking hopelessly at the home that she built from her own hands. Her hands were on the suitcase, all packed up with her luggage.

The tears were flowing from her eyes down to her neck. After hearing the sound of the door, she looked at him. He was staring at her.

She couldn’t understand if he was angry or sad but she didn’t care about him and turned her back towards the main gate to leave. 

He was standing there seeing her leaving the house. Leaving his life. 

“So you’re going! To your father. To your rich father!” his voice was filled with grief. 

After hearing his croaked voice, she wanted to stop but she kept walking slowly towards the gate. 

He knew that she won’t stop so he walked after her and pulled her from her arm. 

“I promise I’ll make him agree to accept this marriage. Please don’t leave me. I promise everything will be fine.” He was trying his best to convince her but she was acting as if she was deaf. Pulling her arm off of his hand she again turned around, pulling the suitcase with her, she put her hand on the lock to open it. 

“TOGETHER FOREVER!” He shouted at her. 

The one who was not stopping at any cause stopped right there after hearing this. She quickly put her hand on her mouth to stop herself from screaming. She was crying badly after hearing his words, she decided not to turn around. 

“Was the promise!” he continued with hope in his eyes as if this will stop her from obeying the orders of her father but she already made her decision. She opened the door and left the house telling him that ‘promises are meant to be broke’.

She looked at the road in the street and found his father’s car waiting for her on the other side of the road.

She crossed the road as she was heading towards the car when she heard her name.

“RANIA!” He was standing in the middle of the empty street, with his arms open as if she’ll run towards him to hug him. 

Together Forever

She looked at the right side of the road and then turned towards him. 

“Haider! Get off the road!” she shouted and ran towards him. 

Haider who was not in his senses wasn’t listening to her voice, rather he started smiling after seeing her running towards him.

They both were standing next to each other and she was pushing him backwards but he stood there still as if he was stuck to the ground. After a few seconds, everything turned into a disaster. 

The car coming from the right side hit them both and flew away leaving them behind, lying on the road next to each other.

Looking at the blood all over them, they were counting their last breath. Rania smiled at Haider and hold his bleeding hand slowly and whispered in his ear, 

Together Forever


Haider smiled back at her and tightened the grip of his hand and they both closed their eyes, lying next to each other, smiling telling that ‘promises aren’t meant to be broke’ 

The person sitting in the car was her father. The father who wasn’t able to safe her daughter’s life even though he was so rich to buy the whole hospital.

They both got inside the Earth. Living together again in heaven but her father is still above the Earth, looking at the treasure that he kept saving all of his life.\

But now he can’t find anyone to whom he can spend the money. 


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Dabeera Mateen
1 month ago

Really good and heart touching ❤️💓💗