In a world filled with anger and black magic, what happens when two souls made for each other are also each other’s worst enemies? To Kill a Kingdom is on this story of pain.

To Kill a Kingdom- Alexandra Christo

Giving an adaptation for the sea’s most deadly weapon, the sirens, Alexandra Christo presents a world based in old times when sirens ruled the seas and the hunter prince searched the seas on a mission to kill every last one of God’s daunting creatures.

Princess Lira of the Diavolos and Prince Elian of Midasan both call the sea their home and are both lethal and deadly.

After upsetting the Sea Queen, Lira is sent to get the Prince’s heart while Elian travels to find the one thing that will help him destroy the sea’s disastrous inhabitants.

But who can you trust in a world of betrayal and unknown magic?

Not written in the best form the captivating storyline could have, I read this book with many stops as the writing was often slow.

The main plot started a little too late, as is the easiest mistake to make in a single fantasy novel.

The character development, however, is worth mentioning and the plot and storyline make it a good read for people who have explored the fantasy genre.

By Minahil Naghman

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