Being in quarantine for almost a month now has drastically changed the course of our routines. And, for once we know that pandemic is nowhere near its end.

It is more than essential now that we jot down some pointers for the upcoming holy month to keep ourselves busy as we fast and stay at home.

And, I would suggest you grab a notebook and a pen because The Meraki is here to help you set up a routine calendar. // Balancing Routines in Ramzan


Once we all enter the holy month of Ramadan, all of us would be waking up early for sehri.

This is the perfect opportunity for you to take up that personal pact that you made to yourself and start a fitness drill to get yourself back on track.

Staying at home for the past month has made us sluggish. And, to start exercising we must prepare ourselves. Let us keep a time track of the daily workout starting up from basic for five minutes and progress further every day.

This pattern might help us to keep with the routine, given that the past whole month has been spent lazily. Until and unless you try, you won’t know how beneficial that is. // Balancing Routines in Ramzan


Our morning hours are mostly consumed with either online classes or office work. You might have seen the horrors of homeschooling and working from home, firsthand.

With the stress of mid-semester halt and all the written assignments, or official reports, in the midst of this, the best part is the flexible hours.

Working or having a virtual school to attend while at home gives us a sense of blithe. And, what’s better than helping with the house course.

Since there are lots of things to do from dusting to washing clothes and doing the dishes, take up what you are comfortable with. This will give your mom some time to get some rest.

For those who are not interested in having to work out daily, you can make this task your alternative as the main motive is to get you moving. // Tips on Balancing Routines in Ramzan


After a daily course of household chores give yourself a pat on the back, and rest up for a power nap. Waking up all charged up, choose your activity for the day;

  • Gather up all the useless cartons in your house and all your stationery, it’s time for some art session.

    There have been loads of videos trending regarding collective artworks.

    Celebrities like Sarwat Gillani took the lead over Instagram alongside her little ones, as they create cute decorations for their home together. You can conspire either with your kids or siblings.

    It can turn out to be something to bond over. 
  • Since we all have been stuck at home our clothes in the wardrobe might be feeling lonely, and to shoo away your boredom, you could reorganize it.

    You might even find your long lost shirts and those missing socks to the unpaired ones.
  • For those of you who have a knack for cosmetics, learning new hairstyles and makeover routines might help you to brush up your skills.

    Many makeup artists and stylists have been doing live sessions on their social media to keep the audience engaged and enthusiastic towards learning something new every day.

    These sessions are quite fun and relaxing.
  • With the ongoing lockdown and the grace of the most important for Muslim approaches, people are devastated at having to experience such difficult times.

    And, this is when our activists and speakers come into the picture.

    As the holy month approaches many of them have taken a step forward, doing live streams on different media platforms. It has turned into a highlight in many viewer’s lives.

    As they say, “Once you replace your negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results.”
  • Since the hours after we get free from our work is kind of limited we must use them effectively.

    In this limited time, we will have to prepare for iftar soon. This can be perfect for those who want to polish their culinary skills.

    Learn a new side dish for starters, and maybe a full main course meal for your family. Who knows, you might be the next master chef.
  • After preparations, comes the event. Of course, we are limited to the e confines of our home, but let’s not make it limit our happiness.

    We have got online video chats to fill in the missing spaces.

    When you all gather with your family for iftar, you can host a virtual iftar party with your relatives and friends, and spend the evening chatting while devouring delicious meals.
  • As you offer your evening prayers, they say is already coming to an end. Though it’s not over yet.

    For the month of Ramadan Muslims all over the world recite Salah and Quran, and grieve in forgiveness for the mistakes we have made.

The night comes and now it’s time to retire to your bed. This is when most of us are the most awake.

Do you know what I mean?

Thoughts lingering around, or maybe it is just boredom again.

All of us might not be that great with our words, but one can never be wrong when it comes to your heart.

Sad poetry hits differently when you’re sad at heart, does it not?

KEEPING UP WITH THE (your last name)s

Since the outbreak of this deadly disease, the world has joined forces to tackle the consequences together.

We are experiencing situations that have never happened before in the history of mankind. To keep up with all of these day-to-day changes and to save yourself from having a mental breakdown, pen it down.

Be it every little feeling that you feel while you watch the horrors of this pandemic, and every time that you are forced to contend with the struggles the people in your country are facing.

Or anything that is hindering your sleeping schedule. 

Of course, no one is asking you to be poetic or to write the next best selling book.

All this effort is just to get your mind some peace so that your body can get some rest, and for your soul to strengthen.

And, in this time of difficulty, it is all the more important to keep ourselves sane.

// Tips on Balancing Routines in Ramzan

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2 months ago

so well written, loved reading it!