Time and man // Faisal Khattak

“If a day would be of 48 hours, some people would have been thrice-witted, some would have been living-deads, and some would have been living their mediocre life thinking that they were excellent.”

Time is a very precious thing. It is uncontrollable and unstoppable. It is created by Almighty God in such a way that neither it is too long nor too short. From the rising of the sun to its fall, it never changes its pace and we call this the period of 24 hours. “The tree is the silent speaker” as said by Maulana Wahiuddin Khan, therefore everything thing of nature gives the silent message to the humankind. The constant pace of time teaches us the lesson of perseverance. This discipline of the sun is so important that without which all the world would be in chaos. It is the consistency which brings the aroma and discipline in man’s life.

 “Men fail much oftener from want of perseverance than from want of talent” as said by William Cobbet. Similarly, our Almighty God has adjusted the time in such a way that it is compatible with the psyche of humanity. Nowadays people are more in need of availing time than in managing it. There are three types of people in our society, ones who are in majority and others who are in a minority. The interesting point is that the people in minority consider the time of 24 hours less than they need and the ones who are in “useless” majority wish the clock to tick at a faster rate.
The wishers of time-extensions are the ones who know their true being and work day and night to satisfy themselves, unintentionally contributing to society and they are the true saviors of the world. Similarly, the wishers of time-abbreviation are those who are just spending their lives. They are the people we call ‘numb and lazy’; such people are not part of the world because every part of world and everything in the world contributes something whether in small quantity or large. Still, there is another category called mediocrely and they are the ones who think less, act ordinary and contribute less. They are the selfish ones who spend life on their own being. They are the doors of the car but not the water of the river. These people think themselves excellent but these are mere fallacies.

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