Ramadan is, indeed, an ideal month to get back in shape. Following is a list of things that you shouldn’t eat for Iftaar. And, if you’re looking for ways to lose weight this Ramadan, you are in the right place. Hence avoid below given foods in the month of fasting!

Fried Delights

Things You Should Not Eat For Iftaar

Every one of us wants to have plates of samosas, rolls, and momos on our dastarkhwans and dining tables but it is not healthy to have deep-fried foods every day for thirty days. Too much oily food can slow down your metabolism more. Due to fasting, metabolism is slower and such foods lessen the speed furthermore.

Cold Beverages

Things You Should Not Eat For Iftaar

The majority of us break out fasts with the sip of cold water and cold fresh juices. But what we don’t know is that consuming cold and icy water, and juices can shrink the blood vessels which result in a slower metabolism. This also includes soft drinks. they contain a lot of carbohydrates that can hinder the digestion process.

Spicy Food

Things You Should Not Eat For Iftaar

We insist our mothers to add more and more white pepper and oyster sauce in Biryani and Chowmein but it can irritate your linings. That is because your stomach is empty when you have it instantly in Iftaar.

Snacking Up-till Sehri

Things You Should Not Eat For Iftaar

We send our brothers and fathers to bring us lots of chips for UA that we eat before sehri while watching Netflix. They can cause dehydration because these potato chips drink all of your body’s water.

Cheesy Delights

Things You Should Not Eat For Iftaar

Although cheesy potatoes and rolls have a smooth rich taste, it is better to have them ten to twelve times in the whole Ramadan. Too much of lactose consumption can cause a problem, especially if you are lactose intolerant.

Rich Cuisines

Things You Should Not Eat For Iftaar

Biryani and Korma with naan are a favourite of every Pakistani and desi food lover. But isn’t it better to have them when you don’t cook fried food? Otherwise, too many calories can increase bad fat.

Creamy Soups:

Things You Should Not Eat For Iftaar

Most of us might have observed our mums and aunts preparing soups for Iftaar. Ask them not to add cream in it otherwise, they would not lose weight.

Caffeinated foods

Things You Should Not Eat For Iftaar

Never have puddings and caffeinated foods during and after Iftaar or you won’t have sound sleep at night. And if you are sensitive to caffeine then sleep will say you goodbye for a day.


Things You Should Not Eat For Iftaar

Ramadan is another name of desserts. Avoid having custards and cake every day. Eat everything in balance.

So, these are some foods and drinks which you should not eat and keep yourself healthy.

//Things You Should Not Eat For Iftaar

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