The Winner Stands Alone-Paulo Coelho // Khulood Mushtaq

As a book worm I have been reading most of the novels of the talented authors mainly Paulo Coelho. His writings has inspired millions of readers around the globe and is still creating that endless magic.

Currently i have been reading one of his works namely The Winner Stands Alone. The story revolves around various compelling characters but the dominant characters include

Igor Malev: A Russian Millionaire, a ruling character who goes through all odds to win his love back ( his ex-wife )

Ewa: Igor’s ex-wife who is married to a fashion designer

Hamid: A Middle Eastern Fashion Designer and Ewa’s husband

Jasmine: Woman with successful modelling career

Now peeking through the summary of the novel

Summary: At Cannes Film Festival an affluent, drive entrepreneur burn the candle at both ends to reclaim his lost love. Igor Malev the dominant character in the novel who is effortlessly personable has everything, but is deprived of the love of his ex-wife Ewa who left him.

He travels the glamorous Cannes International Film Festival with the intention of winning her back.

Along with this Coelho has showed the world of extravagant lifestyle where in the lap of luxury the Superclass live. Igor has made a promise to himself to achieve his lost love no matter how many lives would pay for this.

The book was very enthralling with a captivating storyline. Coelho has presented the theme in an amazing way covering all the aspects.

The Winner Stands Alone-Paulo Coelho // Khulood Mushtaq

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