The White Part Of Flag does it really matter to us ? I mean why. Dont they see killings in Kashmir and India ? Well, here you are wrong. The White Part Of Flag really matters to us. They are peaceful citizens of our nation and they deserve equal and same rights and opportunities as majority.

“Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to reform (or pause and reflect).”

Mark Twain stands relevant even after all these decades. At least in Pakistan. Bearing a clear white part on its flag, this country set an example when Kartar Pur corridor was opened for Sikh community and Aasia bibi case bore a bold decision. Similarly, with the majority of Hindu community residing in Sindh province in perfect harmony with Muslims is yet another stance of diversity this country is born with. However, things have not been smooth and easy lately.  //The White Part Of Flag

A Majority Of Faith Should Not Be Under Threat By A Minority Temple

The case of temple construction in the federal capital is doing rounds these days.

As soon as Prime Minister Imran Khan gave a nod for the commencement of its work, some quarters of the country appeared unhappy and cross over the decision.

Citing Modi policies towards Muslims in India, many people opposed its construction on the grounds of revenge.

On the other hand, some came up with a somewhat ambiguous explanation of Islamabad having less Hindu population and does not require a separate worshipping place.

The White Part Of Flag

 An Untouchable Christian Attacked Over Residing In Muslim Vicinity

Just a month ago, Nadeem Joseph was shot twice along with two of his family members on the pretext of buying home in the Muslim neighbourhood. And unfortunately, he succumbed to his injuries and died.

He was continuously harassed and bullied over his decision and was labelled a “Choora” or a sweeper and untouchable. 

Case of Hindu girls’ conversion and forced marriage

It’s no breaking news now. With dozens of young teenage girls abducted, converted and married to Muslim boys before they reach adult age has become a norm in Sindh province. Powerful feudal along with local priests try hard to secure a little land in paradise by bringing more women towards Islam, yet, forget the very essence of this inclusive religion and its teachings. 

Hatred for minorities must not be justified on Islamic grounds. Islam is not responsible 

In the continued debate of religion, culture and ethnocentric behaviours are left out altogether. All the above-mentioned incidents and countless others are increasingly manifesting our mindsets as a nation.

The White Part Of Flag Needs Justice

Our ethnocentric attitudes and advent of communal politics are taking a toll over the spirit of democracy and its basic tenets of equality and justice.

Above all, the state religion of Pakistan–Islam, upholds the lessons of inclusivity, mercy and equal treatment.

Because a minority is never a danger for the majority if they are united and strong on their faith enough. Rather, minorities serve as a beautiful extension to the diversified culture of the country as a whole.

The need of the hour is to respect that white part of Pakistani flag, to stop tarnishing the image of Islam and also to fail Modi policies through opposite political, social and judicial conduct towards minorities here.

By Bisma Jatoi, University of Sindh // The White Part Of Flag

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