Beyond our cramped vision

where our materialistic mindset fails,

        begins the real beauty,

         we call the Universe.

   Here and there, scattered, are our priorities,

   dragging and holding us back from seeing the

                gold that our Universe possess.

 There are these glistening stars

       and high above they lie.

  Shinning over the mighty sky,

they astonish us with the beauty

           no physical being can claim to possess.

     Waking up every morning, none of us realize

     that if there weren’t the Sun and the Moon

       we couldn’t differentiate between a single

                               day and night.

   It amazes me when I think,

                                                how perfectly each and everything is shaped.

                                                From the wide galaxies to the tiny ponds

                                          He has planned everything so meticulously to make

                 the cycle of life go, on and on.

       The reverent doesn’t absolutely end here

        because it swims through the length of

             the waterfalls, which truly possess

                what is called as a natural bliss.

                Ticking on my table is the clock

                                               which, for the past 7 years, has reminded me

                                               of the days and nights that have passed my window

                                               yet failed to gain my attention, buried under the

                                                                             piles of books.

    Each day makes our Earth grow old, and leaves us

    lesser time to live with something that we own.

    Nevertheless, a day of realization is no late because             as they say, it is better late than never.

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Eman 💭
1 year ago

Beautiful ❤❤