Man was made for universe and universe was made in sync to all human emotions. Every planet every sphere and every star is a complete literary piece. Sometimes it is a tale, sometimes a tragedy and sometimes a verse. Thus this relation of Universe and Man can be described by this Uni-verse:

He prayeth well, who loveth well
Both man and bird and beast

Everywhere around us are fascinating acts of universe studded with nature telling various stories. Isn’t it fascinating that every time a cloud shadows over the moon and takes over the skies, the entire universe moves to change the scene? A theatre is commenced. Winds jump from door to door calling for the weak to hide and admirers to run for the glance of a gothic tragedy: A romantic gothic tragedy of the moonlight and the tiny drops of water which sought their refuge in the dense clouds. It is a tragedy which would last for a few moments but would leave the marks of its arrival. It’s a romance which would feed the desires of both lovers enough for few seconds until they meet again, a gothic renaissance of commitment: All this for a tragedy of split of promises, a romance of parting lovers and gothic display of commitment.

Just like this mesmerizing tale universe creates several stars for every being to set their love upon. It makes a few of them shine while others stay dull and dusty. For the shiny ones, it sets dark clouds in motion and for the dull and dusty ones it calls forth the gloomy nights. Thus for every star, it creates an admirer and a hindrance. Only a true admirer would be able to see the bright, blessed light of the blue stars even through the thick dense clouds. Similarly only a true seeker would fight the gloomiest wind to set its hope for the blurry dull star.

Isn’t it fascinating how from a single still and standing winter’s night, a complete tale of true love could be sought? A complete tale set by the universe for those who need a light to pierce through their doomed hearts. A complete tale set into action by the universe for those who need a sweet, silent and soothing puff of gushing wind to open the closed windows of the obstructed soul: A complete tale of hope dribbling with love and scribbling promises all over the broken walls of fractured commitments: A tale to set every emotion-free: A tale to ease the flight of a true lover towards the skies of his Taj Mahal: A tale of dark nights.

Isn’t it fascinating how everything that we see, everything that we feel, everything that we touch and everything that creates the colors around us try to fill colors in our life?, even the basic blue, black, ember and white of the chaotic nights run, jump and dance around us to show how to love.

All the dance and magic of universe to show how to commit and to show how to be ready to move everything to fulfill the promises, to show how to seek the fascinating pallet of life in the midst of coals of the death.

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