Feelings are complex in nature. They are an art in disguise. You cannot understand them completely unless you are willing to experience them. Love as you know,  is a mystical compound of feelings. A staggering avalanche of memories binding up a relation for eternity, it’s an ecstasy, a spark of happiness. It cannot be quantified. 

This charm, this feeling of being wanted becomes our Novocaine to live by. When you’re in love, you’re willing to give anything for that person. It’s like you have been connected on a mental and spiritual level. A bond which is bound to break, but we make extreme compromises to hold it.

We get locked in this matrix of happiness, this love pioneers our daily life. It gives us a reason to make peace with the poison this world cooks. The days go by, as our the heart synchronizes with every text, every call received from our counterpart. Every day gives birth to a new moment, which later transcribes to a memory. These memories rain like pixel dust in our dreams. Dreams instruct us to explore the boundaries of this path of affection.

Whilst we are busy singing  the song of our happiness, chaos boards this journey. Things eventually come crashing down when reality “Rounda Rousey’s” you in the face and believe me your whole world burns inside out.

Then it hits you and you helplessly transcend into the 5 stages of grief. Denial shakes your ego, you are left mentally, traumatized. You fail to accept the truth, fail to understand the grass root of this agony. You lash out on your damned soul. You curse the very girl, you loved with all your heart. This is where you move in to the 2nd stage that is anger. Your feelings mimic a volcanic eruption of disrupt and pain. Panicking, trying to yield an escape route, you hope to bargain. You pray to wake up from this horrific bullshit. You become nauseous, sleep deprived, hopeless. It only gets darker, depression spears you right in the heart, clouds of isolation surround you. You lose focus, unable to generate a single strand of joy. Barricaded from the care, love and affection you once cherished, we are just a constant in this carnival of madness.

Acceptance is the final stage, your body is broken down, your will burned to ashes, mind dissolved in acidic bullshit that people fed you. Sitting, shivering in the corner you start to accept it. You stop crying, start sleeping, eating and dreaming of happiness. You realize that this was meant to happen, you realize that these lucid phases were there to make you stronger and wiser. You start to take control, hour by hour, day by day, getting better.

We need to understand that love was the only constant in this rainbow of joy and suffering. The only constant that matters. It’s like a fully bloomed rose, pure, chaotic, symbolic. Despite being beautiful, it’s surrounded by thorns, thorns that will hurt you.

But those very deadly thorns magnify its beauty. We need to realize with love in our life, we can achieve anything. Dreams to plans, plans to realities. A pinch of love, a touch of affection and a solid commitment can go a long way. So don’t feel down, if you have lost this once magical phenomenon. The puzzle pieces will soon start to fall in their places. Have some faith in love.

What’s a rose without those thorns ? What is love without suffering?

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