The sun and her flowers is the best book pen downed by Rupi Kaur. She is young dashing and dynamic Canadian Indian writer of young generation.
We might not be familiarized with the fact that, Rupi Kaur herself published her first book of poetry named Milk and Honey in 2014, which was  The New York Times Best Seller literary work which got name and fame in  77 weeks and changed the game of reading poetry and was mostly lauded by the new generation. Kaur’s second master piece of poetry is “The sun and her flowers” which is published on 23rd October 2017, it is based on different themes such as loss, devastation, trauma, healing, femininity, relocation and revolution. Mostly Kaur tackles universal issuse and human experience in her poetic career. The formation of ‘the sun and her flowers’ is quite different as it has short poems along long narratives it has some kind of issues like it has broken English and self-reclamation after sexual abuse and also it is a vigorous and spiritual journey about growth and healing and softening. It is the journey of Ancestry and honoring and distinctions one root. It is the journey of Deportation and ascension to find a home within you.
The sun and her flower is spilited into five parts as all those parts illustrates the journey of wilting, falling, rooting, rising, and blooming.



This is the 1st and foremost part of the Book. It illustrates the things which a person bears after leaving of lover.
Like Wilting explains Last day of love, the cracked heart, talking to every object such as
(Go I told the light)
(No one is coming)
(No one is going out)

She also highlighted the pinching of belly it bleeds, imagination of lover, and the morning without her lover. The darkness which was now her fate as she quoted: “You took the sun with you. She gave the evidence of her loyalty. Human condition and his greediness Kaur writes “As I long for you but you long for someone else”. From her imagination till reality only she possesses her lover. Though, she knows he isn’t next behind him but still she feels him.

It is hamartia the downfall with blistering feelings of dejection, sadness, loneliness, sorrows and grief. Depression is a shadow living in me. It’s a poem where speaker elicits the feeling of hopelessness and blue devils and it exemplifies a person trapped in his own memories. While falling also highlights the anxiety guilt shame and torpid after the greatest loss of life.

This part is becoming strong again, self worth and knowing herself once again. It is pondering life at its save and safe place for rumination. The soul becomes re_energetic itself and starts to make its worth. This part also holds the upbringing where she was trying hard to get relaxation. Kaur shares that how harshly life treated her and even though after going through such disorders, she’s not shameful instead of shame she is still proud at herself.

We already know now it is the time when all the conflicts are on its peak. Now rising means ascending actions from plot.
Never feel guilty for starting again.
At this point she is fully inspired and gives a brilliant message to those who has left the hope of living a new life. That message is for all those who have lost their paths, their love, their aim of winning them just because they weren’t success in sacret determination?
This is the positive part of the book. It is the point, where people recover slowly and gradually.

Last but not the least part of this book is Blooming which is full of inspirations and creativity. This part is one of the most praised and lauded by everybody ; it is about standing  alone, self confident self motivation self realization self-love not needing single body to support you, to love you or to make you feel dignitary  and celebrity any more. As Emerson said to relay over only yourself that is the message of Blooming part. It is about self-love, self-accomplishment, self control, and self dependence. It is about recouping, rebirth, recovering, reclaim and so on!
Blooming is epitome of all the good and best in this world. You are worth it. We have to take a look at ourselves and let journey of self love lead the path.

CONCLUSION Rupi kaur is so influential at so many points. She lits hope in us. Keep going. Just have patience for blooming but you won’t get what you want or you won’t reach at your destination without wilting falling rooting and rising.
Carry on!!!!! Life will reward you with the best….

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