Simpsons turn out to be fortune speakers or not


The present times have been a bit of a pickle with the ongoing COVID 19 pandemic just to name a few. In addition to all this, the year 2020 has been a rather interesting roller coaster ride that has yet to finish its course. With each new month giving is something new to dread for. So in order to escape all this one can sit down and watch a sitcom such as The Simpsons.


So you start watching it and have a laugh here and there and genuinely enjoy the content being shown. You come to find out that this particular sitcom is the longest running comedic series on your television. You are beyond delighted and strap in for the long haul. Seeing the antics of the titular family is your thing now. However, you start noticing something unusual.

Coincidence or Something more?

Some events seem to cross over into reality from the small screen and that too way back several years. Once or twice can be counted as a coincidence as its a very long running show around 30 years. But more and more is being seen and soon a correlation is being seen. Previous scenes in the sitcom become true as time goes on and on. Is it mere coincidence or something more. Simpsons turn out to be fortune speakers or not

Mainstream Attention

Many publications and mainstream media have picked this up and strewn it on our minds. Which makes us think whether the writers of the sitcom are fortune tellers, gods or just very good writers. In an article by The Business Insider, which showed at least 18 times that it has happened. Some of them include with their respective episodes:

  • Daenerys Targaryen’s big plot twist in ‘Game of Thrones’ — Season 29, Episode 1
  • Nobel Prize Winner — Season 22, Episode 1
  • The U.S. beats Sweden in curling at the Olympic games — Season 21, Episode 12
  • Faulty voting machines — Season 20, Episode 4
  • Disney buys 20th Century Fox — Season 10, Episode 5 Reference link

Summary and Conclusion

In conclusion, this may all be just a spoof or reality but one cannot deny the near supernatural implications. Or you can just shut down your mind and just enjoy or wear a tin foil hat. But in all this, have a laugh while re-watching the historic and iconic sitcom.

Simpsons turn out to be fortune speakers or not

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