Your tears graze your skin and own every touch, every glide against it, as they have had a perpetual amour with it. Your head feels like it is going to burst from the bulging amount of coffee beans and Panadols you have shoved down your throat just to make it through your day. Your hair create a thatched shadow over your forehead, but it doesn’t bother you anymore because it is the dark, plunging shade inside your heart that has all your attention. // The mistakes or the heartbreaks

Is it the weight of unfulfilled expectations or the forgotten promises that you carry? Or is it the scars against your soul, that you assumed had healed, but still cause you more pain than the ones you have from tripping over the curb or tumbling down the stairs? Is it the self-inflicted pressure to promptly heal, to whimsically live, to extravagantly dream, that suffocates you? Or is it the obligation to righten your muddles that gives you insomnia or even narcolepsy?

The mistakes or the heartbreaks, the stress or the regrets, the strain or the losses with no gain, the many people or being afar from the steeple, the monsters inside your head or the ones, around you, widespread; whatever it is that fades your ember, is the element that makes you human.

The purest of your sentiment and the raw emotion that envelopes your heart and flows through your veins, is what makes you candidly human. It does not take 206 bones or an inflexible amount of cells, organs or joints to make you human, because species with all of that still have the tendency to carry themselves in the most inhumane ways possible. It only takes the tendency to feel, empathize and endure.

And so at the end of the day, what makes you human will never be the anatomy of your body. Rather, it will always remain, the art of emotions and how you balance it to illuminate your humanity, that makes you human.

// The mistakes or the heartbreaks

Featuring Writer – Yusaira Asad Khan

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2 months ago

thankyou for sharing this!

2 months ago

Love This..