The Magical Days

Some days are fast,

They move like a flash!

And we have to keep up with them;

Thinking quickly, walking swiftly

Not a moment to breathe

Or even have a proper drink of water.

These days are like the lightning

But they are generous in their speed

Because they don’t give you space

To really think

Or feel

The sadness in your heart.

These days demand your all;

Your abilities, talent, and grit.

Some days are short,

They move like a train!

And we seem to have blinked them away!

In a short nap, or running errands around town!

Not a minute to pause

Or even enjoy a nice lunch

These days are like the wind!

But they are kind-hearted in their rush

Because they don’t give you time

To really sit down

Or feel

The tiredness in your body.

These days demand your all;

Your planning, resourcefulness, and speed.

Some days are slow

They seem to not move along at all.

And we can feel the minutes take all their time To complete the hours

As if there really is nothing at all to accomplish that day Which goes on and on endlessly.

These days really are like the slowest sloth.

But they are rare in their occurrence

Because we don’t give them space

To happen very often

So that we can actually feel

The grief in our soul.

These days demand your all;

Your resilience, faith and hope.

Some days are surreal

They are when dreams come true!

And you will experience them

In their fullness, in their beauty.

Every moment mesmerising,

Every minute being memorable

Such days also happen

And they are magical in their realness

They happen when the time is right

To really embrace

Or feel

The joy in your heart.

These days will bring bloom to your all;

Your hardwork, faith, and love.

These days will soothe your all;

Your sorrow and pain,

Your shattered dreams.

Because the flowers will bloom

And the sun will shine

In your precious and beautiful

Garden of life.

These magical days

Are sure to arrive!

Featured Writer – Sheba Sultan

// The Magical Days

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