She was the sun of dawn,

Her smile brightened the whole lawn.

Along propriety, she was confident and wild,

Her nature was like a carefree child.

Chasing her dreams she kept moving on,

Her dreams and desires were almost a ton.

Suddenly she met him at twilight,

Then happened the love at first sight.

In the darkness they embraced each other,

Warmth of their love was filled in the weather.

Their love was on cloud nine,

The promise to stay together was made on valentine.

The sky gave the dark light,

Waiting for him she stood ready for the night.

But who knew what was in her fate,

Kidnapped! She was from her gate.

Madly he searched her here and there,

But unfortunately he found her nowhere.

And then his heart started drowning,

“Where did she go” he started pondering.

To her it seemed like a bad dream,

In a shilling voice, she tried to scream.

Aghast! She was dead from inside,

Raped she was by those evils ride.

Last she saw the moon in the sky,

The sight made the heavens cry.

That was the time when humanity was killed,

There was dead silence in the battle field.

She went away from this world somewhere,

Leaving him all alone there.

Resolution he took to avenge her death,

His blood boiled under his breath.

His efforts made him win the case,

The wicked men were put behind the bars at a place.

This gave him somewhat solace,

He cried and cried hiding his face.

Crying for the past memories he can never delete,

Their love story was left incomplete.

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1 year ago

Ohhh godd😭😭😭😭❤❤❤❤