When I started counting, everything that gave me hope,

The first thing I could see,

Was your face mummy,

Then your heart, and your soul,

Your strength and advice; oh gold!

Then daddy’s smile and the light in his eyes,

Then mother nature, and the lilac skies.

Then the heart of a lover,

When hope is born, over and over,

Then the brown sparrow- which rests on my window after tulu-ul-shams,

And with the only thing, ‘hope’, in its wings.

And the fluffy kitten rolling outside my door,

Hoping to find a piece of flesh or anything more.

Then the child in the grey shirt who stopped by my car last night,

His eyes dark and sunken, carrying hunger and fright.

But his tongue uttered, in utter hope,

“Oh, ma’am just a penny, don’t go like this, nope!”

Then I was reminded of the sun, moon and stars,

How bright they were even from afar.

They too took their time, to hide and rest,

But when they are in the sky, they do their best.

The list went on and I counted my heart twice!

Because I was, too, sitting here, looking’ for hope left and right.

I had the hope of finding hope, that is why my counting begun,

So, I told myself to get on my feet and towards my dream I shall now run.

Ayesha Anwar

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1 month ago

This is a nice and informative.