She used to admire darkness more than chaos around her. But the darkness she used to praise was the darkness inside her that was seizing every ounce of her peace that once would prevail her heart. The scars on her hand, the painful bruises make me think about her. I had encountered them on the day when she sat beside me. Her fragile hand was covered in dark scars that seemed to invade her soul more than her body. Curiosity forced me to question her fresh scars. She bluntly answered my unexpected question saying that she tried to end her life many times. I was astounded but more than that I was concerned. Later on after reading various articles on suicide I was astonished to discover how every year 90% of people mostly teenagers commit suicide whereas many of them go through suicidal thoughts. 

Some take a step ahead to end their lives while others are stopped by different factors such as religion, their inner fears or their good name in society. The continuous battle of thoughts with mind and soul can prove fatal for the tranquility of mind.

             Nobody is hit with thoughts all of a sudden and no one could decide the other morning to end their life. Man fears death the most but it disturbs me how a soul fights a battle with fears, insecurities and depression and soon fails to win and instead decides to leave the ground, the world. Depression, anxieties and lifetime traumas has taken many innocent lives. The victim stands all strong in a battlefield having a war with every fear and depression that bothers his soul, some fighters live while others feel losing every fight. But to all the warriors out there you won! You are the real heroes!                                                                         

                It takes a lot more courage to get up on your feet after every painful bruise and with every scar on your body. It takes a lot more to push back all the thoughts that force you to stop your heart beating but still struggle to overcome it and live every moment feeling powerless and feeble. 

As a book worm I curiously read some of my favorite author’s interview. Best- selling author J.K Rowling known internationally for the Harry Potter told about her constant struggles with depression and suicidal thoughts.  ‘We’re talking suicidal thoughts here, we’re not talking, I’m a little miserable”. Rowling said she eventually sought help and went to a therapist. And from that onwards she has used her platform to raise awareness about mental health. Like Rowling many renowned celebrities, authors and other known faces have experienced having suicidal thoughts dilemma.

                Now discussing some crucial points one needs to sort out coping strategies to overcome or reject suicidal thoughts. These may include advices such as 

  • Taking medications as one is prescribed to take them accordingly. Do not change the dosage of your medicine without consulting your doctor.
  • Be open to your condition and thoughts to someone. Take help from a professional or your loved ones. This will help you to deal with your inner storms giving your mind some peace.
  • Surround yourself with people that gives you positive vibes. This will push back all your negative thoughts and encourage you to be social. 
  • Consult a therapist whenever you feel like. Things may seem difficult sometimes so it’s better to have a talk with your therapist and go for a therapy.
  • Cherish the positive things around you. Counting blessings that surround you can make you feel happy and satisfied. 

                         To all the warriors out there fighting with the tormenting thoughts, depression and traumas, you are the real heroes! Here’s a short poem for all the brave fighters:

Soon the darkness would end, and the light would appear

The ray of hope will make your way clear,

Soon the happiness will come, and the sadness will end

Putting up all your broken pieces to mend,

Soon the heart would beat, finding its ease

And the soul will find life, living in peace,

Soon the sun will shine bringing a new day

And all your worries will disappear making their way

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