With nearly 2 million global patients in the dangerous grasps of the Virus itself and with over a 100000 people losing their lives it seems that there is no indication of light at the end of the tunnel with the possibility of an effective vaccine till 2021. // The Coronavirus Vaccine by Pakistan

A breakthrough came, a light did come but from the most unlikely of places. Not from a first world country such as the USA or UK or whatnot but rather a small third world country known as Pakistan.

Specifically medical researchers at the DOW University of Health Sciences located in Karachi. They made a breakthrough by making a vaccine known as “‘intravenous immunoglobulin’’. According to a spokeswoman at DOW, she said that globulin has been prepared from transparent antibodies obtained from corona virus-treated patients, experts have also conducted globulin testing and animal safety trials, which have been successful.

DOW University made a successful Coronavirus Vaccine

Professor Saeed Qureshi (Dow University) said that “IVIG” is a significant step forward in the war against Coronavirus.

“we have tested this vaccine on animals and the result was successful”.


He further added that we have sent a letter to the government of Pakistan to approve our request so we can test this vaccine on humans and once we start testing the vaccine we will have results in 2 to 3 weeks.

This provides a small but illuminating hope and as a sense of aim for all that this pandemic itself was numbered and the day would come that the Covid-19 virus would become just a footnote in history.

corona virus vaccine

In addition, this medical breakthrough coming from a relatively obscure part of the world shows that this in itself is a global effort not confined to one area specifically. If humanity is to triumph over this then it must be through a united front not a divided one otherwise there would be no hope in making a fast and effective vaccine in this time frame.


Exclusive: Dow University claim that vaccine ready for corona treatment

// The Coronavirus Vaccine by Pakistan

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