Actress Uzma Khan accuses Malik Riaz’s daughters of harassing her – Files complaint against said women

A leaked video circulating on the internet has sparked controversy as people on social media started jumping to conclusions, making assumptions about the said video. 

The video features three women along with gunmen and guards, breaking into actress Uzma Khan’s house by force. 

Upon entering they began screaming and  shouting curses, at one point, even started beating the women who seemed to have been caught off guard while one woman recorded the incident. 

The video showed a great deal of property damage with decorations shattered and blood on the floor. Huma Khan’s — sister of the JPNA actress Uzma Khan — feet had been bleeding all over the floor as the two women continued to abuse them. 

Uzma Khan’s Statement:

Interestingly, Uzma Khan broke her silence about the leaked video narrating a story about the abuse of power, claiming that the women who barged into her home were the daughters of the Pakistani business tycoon and the founder of Bahria Town, Malik Riaz. 

In a facebook post, Uzma Khan stated:

“I have been shamed, blackmailed, harassed, been threatened to kill in the past 3 days… I will fight against [Amber Malik and Pashmina Malik] of Malik Riaz who stormed into my house around midnight with 12 gunmen.”

The Case of Uzma Khan - Everything you need to know

Malik Riaz’s daughters could be seen harshly interrogating Uzma Khan regarding her affair with a man named Usman in the video. 

The two women not only violated their privacy but also harassed them, hit them and encouraged the guards to grope them and sexually assault them. 

In a video statement, Uzma Khan stated:

“… their guardsmen entered the house by jumping over the gates and breaking the doors. Their women began hitting us and assaulting us… [the women told the guards to] touch us inappropriately…”

She further asked for her medical examination to be conducted before her wounds begin healing so that she can have a solid proof of the violence she suffered. 

As a jab at Pakistan’s system of justice, she concluded her statement with: “… I hope I am as much Pakistani as Malik Riaz.”

The Case of Uzma Khan - Everything you need to know

Public Response 

The public was quick to reach conclusions of their own and to take sides, giving their two cents on the whole situation while celebrities took notice, imploring the government to take notice of the barbaric incident. 

Currently, the public seems to be divided into two groups of people. A majority is defending Uzma Khan, not on the extramarital affairs that she had supposedly been engaged in with Usman but on the vicious behaviour of Amber Malik and Pashmina Malik that was nowhere near acceptable, no matter the reasons. 

The Case of Uzma Khan - Everything you need to know

On one hand, the public is pointing fingers at the pitiful system of justice — or may I say system of injustice? — in our country where almost always, power and wealth trump equity and equality. 

The Case of Uzma Khan - Everything you need to know

There have been countless Shahzebs who became victims to the rigged judiciary system and there are countless Shahrukhs whose statuses have protected them from the law. 

The Case of Uzma Khan - Everything you need to know

On the other hand, the public seems to be blaming the misogynistic mindset of the people of Pakistan. Men and women alike have stated their opinions with regard to the incident stating that even if the actress was having extramarital affairs with the man named Usman, she was not the only one to blame. 

The Case of Uzma Khan - Everything you need to know

Usman is as much to blame in the incident as Uzma Khan is as he had also been cheating on his wife. Once again, the question about why a man almost always escapes scrutiny, labels and blame in such situations has become the core dilemma for the general public. 

The Case of Uzma Khan - Everything you need to know

Celebrities came forward to share their take on the whole incident, the majority seem to be in the favour of the actress, questioning why and who gave the rich the right to take law in their own hands. 

The Case of Uzma Khan - Everything you need to know

This is what Iqrar ul Hassan had to say about the situation: 

The Case of Uzma Khan - Everything you need to know

Zara Noor Abbas also pointed fingers and the judiciary system of Pakistan:

The Case of Uzma Khan - Everything you need to know

Amna Usman’s Statement:

Recently, Usman’s wife, Amna Usman released a public statement regarding the issue. 

She said, “This was a publicity stunt. I just want to clarify that they [the two women in the video] are not related to Malik Riaz.”

She further justified her actions of violence and humiliation against Uzma Khan saying that anyone in her position would do the same.

“…I literally fail to understand how anyone of you can even side with her. The situation in which I had caught Uzma Khan, even after the repeated warning if any other woman was in my place, she would have done much worse than I have…”

The public went into a frenzy as her statement was released, bashing her for not humiliating her equally as a guilty husband the same way she had Uzma Khan. 

Amna Usman stated that Usman is not related to Malik Riaz. He is being dragged into the incident to malign his reputation. And that is due to a conflict between Hassan Khan Niazi — Uzma Khan’s lawyer and Prime Minister Imran Khan’s nephew — and Malik Riaz. 

In her official statement, she also stated that the house that she barged into was not Uzma Khan’s house but rather her husband’s other house. Her statement greatly contradicts Uzma’s statement which, if it is proven to be true, could prove to be extremely dangerous for Uzma Khan. 

Uzma Khan stands firm in her decision: files FIR

Uzma Khan, however, stands resolute and has filed an FIR against Malik Riaz’s daughters and granddaughter, Amna Usman. 

The Case of Uzma Khan - Everything you need to know

In response to Amna Usman, Uzma Khan said, “I would have forgiven my attackers had they asked for forgiveness… they think they can buy me? I will not let that happen. I need justice… I will go to the court, I will fight till the end…”

On the other hand, Malik Riaz recently tweeted, refuting any claims about his relation with Usman. He also stated that this stunt is meant to defame him. 

“I categorically rebut this malicious propaganda… Usman is not my nephew. I’m appalled at such below the belt attempt to malign me… I’ll be filing defamation case against anyone who tries to implicate me wrongfully…”

The Case of Uzma Khan - Everything you need to know
Malik Riaz

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