A collection of heartfelt words, a memento of the horrors of our society, a taste of our bitter realities.

The Ashes of Feelings is not merely a book full of poems, it’s a way of life, depicting the struggle, the enthusiasm and the rise of a young creative writer and future pharmacist.

Delve in to the world of the literature, where the author will guide you through the realms of disbelief in our society. Where reality is inevitable, where people hide behind fake masks and where the unholy game of blood is orchestrated on the souls of the young.

The book promises a message of hope,  battles against the stigmas of our society, questions the dying humanity around us, all in just 100 pages.

The book ends with a hauntingly beautiful trio of poems for the children of Palestine and the martyrs of APS.

I would highly suggest to take out some time and experience the words of this motivated, young writer as she grows with each turn of the page. Triumphing over her inner demons demonstrating love for oneself.

After all,

It’s not just poetry for the heart, it’s poetry for the soul.

The Ashes of Feelings is a MUST HAVE

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1 year ago

This is really amazing. Sounds intresting and must read book love to have my hands on it 💜

1 year ago

Love this. Really want to read this book. Seems amazing.

Yusaira Asad Khan
1 year ago

This review Intriguesss mee to read the book thoo!!