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The Art of loneliness-Abdal Mufti // An interview by Umang Kumar

The art of loneliness-Abdal Mufti

1) Who is Abdal Mufti ?

I would like to respond to this question with just a smile and by saying, “I don’t think I matter enough that anyone would be interested in knowing about me”

2) When did you first feel that you are an artist and you can express yourself through it ?

I always say that Art just came to me one day. I was sitting in the store room of my house. I found an old paintbrush and a tube of red paint that once belonged to my aunt who used to paint at one stage. I picked it up and started painting a picture from a newspaper that was lying around. since then I never looked back. I would say it’s neither a passion nor a profession; it’s definitely something more than both.

3) Art always needs pain to erupt in the masterpiece. What was that in your case ? what hit you to choose art?

What hit me? Well, I exist, need to say more?

4) Your artworks always contain a theme of emptiness or they are always lovely. Why is that so?

If you ask me I don’t think there is much of a difference between the two. Why do you think emptiness and beauty are mutually exclusive? 

5) We have observed in your art that whenever you create something it always shows night time, why? Why do you love darkness so much?

With each passing day, I’ve started to dislike light more and more; I think it reveals too much. 

6) Do you see your art in this society and with this generation?

I don’t know, I think you should ask this question to society and this generation.

7) Is there anything in your heart and mind that you are unable to give it a form of Art?

There must be, otherwise, there is nothing left worth continuing for. I think we all come in this world to tell a story and the day we run out of things to say or ideas to project then perhaps there is no point carrying on from that point onward. So, I genuinely wish that there is still something in my heart or mind that I am still not able to project in my art.

8) Do you get art block ? If yes, then how do you deal with it?

Trust me, you don’t want to know the answer to that question.

9) Where do you see yourself in art world ?

Nowhere in sight. I think the best thing that happened to me was that I never went to any art school, it meant I could just do whatever I felt like doing when it comes to making art. There was a time when I would aspire to become part of the ‘art community’ or the ‘art world’ as you call it. Now, I think I am better off without them and they are better off without me.  

10) when making art we often forget who we are and confuse self with fiction. Does this happen to you? and How you see this ?

What makes you think that there is any difference between self and fiction, aren’t we all living a made-up story that we keep telling ourselves to make us feel that this is all real. 

11) Are there any words and tips you want to give to the aspiring artists ?

Figure out the ‘why’ question before you look for the ‘how’ part. Art is a form of expression and communication, therefore it is imperative that you first decide what and why you want to say before you actually start figuring out how to say it.


The art of loneliness-Abdal Mufti // An interview by Umang Kumar

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I want another interview if him please 😭

Umair (Yeah, me)
Umair (Yeah, me)

Stupidest line of questioning I’ve ever read for an artist and his work. Clearly the interviewer has no clue about art or the philosophy behind it.