The Answers

Wandered I the world about,

Seeking answers to my quest,

Here and there just like a scout,

The Answers

Making effort at my best.

Many mouths said many words,

Superfluity nothing else,

On that christmas, it wasn’t heard,

The song of Jingle Bells,

Searching for the sand in mud,

All dusks were a desperation,

In the storm, I was a bird,

Searching for a salvation.

Then one day I came across,

In long clothes a man quite old,

Maybe his age was the cause,

Of his staggering down the road.

As I carried up his weights,

He asked ‘Why you have this gloomy face?’

Stuck within the ties of fate,

I keep losing every race.

He smiled, and gave me a book,

‘You will find here, what thou seek.’

Annoyed I said, ‘Hey, man look!’

“Are you saying paper speaks?”

He smirked and said, “Ask my son!”

Then hear what it has to say,

“Your questions? Ask more than one”,

And be guided all the way.

And so I quit next day’s rest,

Opened it and read it slow,

You wondering, what happened next?

Conversation is below.

To draw my life in a chart,

There is this hesitation,

For I don’t know how and where to start,

Let this be my first question.

‘Thou, Start with the name of God,

The Answers

One that’s merciful and kind,

And hence you act accord,

Glory will be what you’ll find.

I love my concluded phrase,

Words can get me a nation.

Should I sought for fame and praise?

So asked the second question.

‘All praise is for him alone,

He who created each and all,

Those who hunt, history has shown,

Pride has always meth the fall.

Perhaps should I rule the world,

So, I asked the last question,

It sounds good but is absurd,

Am I worth this acquisition?

“Mortal art thou and thy stay,

Yet wants to be dominant?”

“Prepare thyself for that day,

The day he’ll pass the judgement.”

And when I came to realize,

A tear fall down with a drop,

For my hand held such a prize,

I felt rising to the top.

I did not read anymore,

As my sights were guided right.

Faith filled me up till the core,

Loud I begin to recite,

‘O Lord! It’s drowning my ship,

Please do guide me to the shore,

Thee alone we do the worship,

Thy help alone we implore.’

‘I was in the dark for so long,

But finally saw the light.

Teach me that what’s right or wrong,

Oh, show me the path that’s right.’

“The ones that are blessed by thee,

Guide me O God! to their path.

But from that path please save me,

One that has incurred thy wrath.”

‘And those who have gone astray,

Save me from, them and each sin.

Thus with it ended, my pray,

May light never fade. Amen.’

Featuring – Musharraf Ali Sharf

The Answers

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