Crying the entire night and faking a smile in the morning? Being really active in class, asking so many questions to the teachers, putting in so much effort at school but what happens when you come back home? Tired from pretending you have got it all together and that your life is perfect. I know those mental breakdowns hurt. You want to say so much to everyone but you just cannot. For me, I want to scream and tell everyone that I know I am not perfect, I know I make so many mistakes, I know I am not keeping up with the expectations, I know I am wasting my precious time, yes I know all this, I really do, just stop telling me that you have studied and revised so much material, stop telling me you are done with all the assignments I have not even looked at, stop telling me that somehow with all this, you still manage to have a perfect social and extra-curricular life. JUST STOP!!! I am trying really hard too to somehow fit between these groups perfect human beings but yeah I struggle a lot and you do not know anything about my struggle. Dealing with these mental breakdowns, hurting yourself, constantly thinking about giving up, not keeping up with anything in life, not being able to focus and complete your syllabus, getting zeros in tests, constantly trying so hard but still the feeling of achieving nothing, looking in the eyes of your parents with so many hopes knowing they think this child of mine here is going to fulfill all my dreams and suddenly tearing up because they have no idea about their own child’s mental health. I can never but want to say something to my parents: “listen my dear mama and baba, I love you guys a lot but you do not know how life at this point. I just want to come back home and cry in your lap mom and tell you everything. Baba I want you to tell me that you will  always be my side even if I do not get those 100s in the tests, even if the teacher tells you that your child needs improvement. I want you to put your trust in me and I promise I will let you guys down. I want you to understand that I too have hard times”. You necessarily do not have to be 30-year-old struggling with work, a failed lover or an old man with diabetes and joint pain just waiting to die to be depressed, NO!!! You are a 14 or 15 year old and yes you officially have the right to be depressed. According to research, teenage is the toughest and most challenging phase of a person’s life because that are neither old enough to solve their problems nor little enough to not have those problems. They are at a stage of facing so many new challenges, having so many ups and downs, realizing that have to let go of so many people whom they thought will be with them forever, being shocked over and learning “that group of best friends” is actually a number of snakes and evils with daggers who will show you their true colors anytime now, realizing that you want to tell your parents so much but you just cannot because they’d not understand. People really need to start taking teenage seriously and not something you can make memes over. Young people are ending their lives every day, I might as well tomorrow. There is a need to aware them that they cannot just give up, they need to love themselves, and they need to trust themselves. You girl, do not need a boy to tell you that you are beautiful and you boy, do not need to care about having abs or not, just love how you are. People might read a few lines of this article and ignore it saying it is rubbish, people might read the entire article but still not care what it said the next day but TEENAGE PAIN is a problem soon to be highlighted otherwise we will soon lose a lot of blossoming flowers that were torn apart this devil world.

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