Stop Bullying: It Starts At Home

Bullying is the behavior of insulting, threatening, or abusing someone, it can be physically as well as emotionally. Bullying is unwanted, aggressive conduct among-st school-aged kids that includes an actual or perceived strength imbalance. The behavior is repeated, or has the practicable to be repeated, over time.

Types of bullying

There are three types of bullying,

  1. Verbal Bullying

    Verbal bullying is hurting someone’s feelings by saying mean words. It can be by taunting, name-calling, teasing, threatening to cause harm, etc

  2. Social Bullying

    It is sometimes referred to as relational bullying, includes hurting someone’s recognition or relationships.

  3. Physical Bullying:

    It includes hitting, kicking or punching and a lot more, it causes a lot of physical pain and if its extreme can result in death.

Bullying is often caused from aggression, or if someone is mentally disturbed can do a lot of things without being aware of it. Bullying can cause a lot of pain both mentally and physically.

Bullying happens all around the world from schools to even your own home. People are bullied by their friends, classmates or even their own family members. People are bullied for their weight, height, color, caste, race etc.

People think “it’s okay” to taunt someone but it’s not

People who are bullied get mentally disturbed not knowing what to do which later can result in suicidal thoughts or harming yourself. It often occurs in school hours or also in places like playground, school bus and more.

How it starts at home?

Bullying starts at home with your own family and relatives. Your relatives often taunt you for being fat, skinny, or for your skin color. Relatives taunt for your school results forcing you to overthink yourself and you get mentally disturbed.

People think “it’s okay” to taunt someone but it’s not because you don’t know what the other person might be going through. Instead of telling someone “you could’ve done better” tell them “it’s okay to fail”. You can stop bullying or save someone’s life.

Sibling bullying is the most typical form of family violence, and it is frequently considered as an ordinary part of developing up by dad and mom and health professionals, however there is increasing proof that it can have long-term consequences, like elevated loneliness, delinquency and intellectual health problems.

How to stop it?

Stop Bullying: It Starts At Home
  • Walk away: Try to walk away from that situation, such as if some is bullying you or taunting you for anything, just try to ignore that situation.
  • Consult someone: It is important to report for bullying as soon as possible that it won’t harm you emotionally or break you from inside.
  • Stay calm: If you are facing bully, it is good for you to keep calm or avoid showing them that it affects you. So try your best to keep calm.

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