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Amidst myriad of disposed of non-renewable longings
I realise that within the concepts of us,
There’s always a we that we tend to ignore.
So when I watched your hands slipping away from home,
I tried to hold it tightly so that I won’t let you drow into my sorrows.
They say life is made of circumstances
But I ask you if circumstances are made of life?
I mean,
We clinging to each other like stain mark on your favourite blue shirt
But we become as separate as oil and water when life gets a bit hard.
You’ll tell me things about your childhood that you won’t remember clearly,
While I sense the child inside you
Still yearning to be remembered.
Just too old for dating,
A silly little mistake to fall in love with a different sense of loving
A feeling just to be with you
Like your favourite colour,
To be a feeling that you’ll carry along with you wherever you go.
You my love
Out of all the beautiful things,
Are so painfully painted gorgeous
That my heart trembles when I touch your face,
You my love
Sound like my mother’s favourite 90s song,
And without you, my days aren’t complete
The birthmark or the wicked marks on your body
Makes you a winter with all its ignored colours,
While I crave for your skin
I still remember the summers when I melted my face in your hands
With not having the faintest idea
That maybe I’m falling in love with you.
Your parents,
Aren’t they falling out of love
When their hearts still move with the same rhythm but different beats,
Your parents,
They’ll always be yours
Even when there’s grey seeping out of their bleeding mouths,
Your parents’ hating
Won’t make you a bad lover
So love without a million reasons tonight.
There’s some aching about the lost last words
About the gulped unfinished sentences
About the last minute trigger warnings,
About you and your beautiful smile.

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I can sense you are growing old
But darling,
Don’t weep tonight,
If your feelings burn you,
Don’t forget to paint your ache
Don’t forget to play some music,
Don’t forget to let go of last week’s fears.
The monuments you’ve broken
To create pilgrimage of your remembrance,
They are still beautiful and alive
With all the slabs falling off their place.
If your memories hurt tonight,
Turn them into mirrors of unknown courage,
You’ll be here not just to create memories
But to become one as well.
So when you’ll hurt
Trying not to remember the forgotten,
Just know that memories
Aren’t something that needs forgetting
All they need is to get buried,
Sometimes alive
Sometimes with just enough life
To make it through another year of forgetfulness.

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