If you’re a millennial, then you probably know that we’re – er – a little different. Different enough for people to be concerned and be confused about why we behave the way we do. // Socializing: A Guide for Millennial

 *points at the millions of surveys people conduct every year to understand millennials*.

Socializing: A Guide for Millennial

 It’s not that we’re different. We just seem to view the world in a much different light than the generations before us. Which, of course causes a surge of panic among the people who just can’t seem to understand our generation.

But, I’m not here to talk about that. As a millennial myself, the biggest problem I face is struggling to socialize without sounding awkward, or worse; wanting to bury myself in a hole. And if you’re reading this, then you probably face the same struggle. So, here I am with a guide. 

Get your notepad ready because I am about to drop some socializing tips; the millennial way. 

Everyone Makes Embarrassing Mistakes

    Tip number one of socializing is to remember this: everyone makes their fair share of mistakes while socializing.

The fear of making a mistake while conversing with someone should not let you step back from doing it at all! Imagine all the fantastic conversations you’re missing out on about your favorite topics. All the awesome friends you will probably make from a simple ‘Hi.’ 

Sure, we’re a little awkward, make mistakes, and don’t know how to reply to compliments properly. But one thing’s for sure, our personalities are interesting to grab anyone’s attention.

Don’t be shy to step outside and make conversation! You’ll make mistakes, but in the end it’ll be worth it.

People do like you, Despite the Resting Dead Face

    Tip number two of your millennial socializing guide: flaunt that resting dead face.

If there is one thing millennials all over the world are famous for; it’s the resting dead face we wear on our face. The kinda face that makes you wonder whether we’re pissed off at our existence or the world. And since it isn’t the rishta-perfect-face that every aunty wants, you probably get the advice of:

Socializing: A Guide for Millennial

“People will talk to you only if you smile a little more, beta!”

Paroos wali aunty and all the old people

But, The Meraki fam stands for being yourself and totally rocking it. Which is why, you should throw away any of that advice and flaunt that resting dead face.

In my personal experience, I can 100% confirm that it only makes people want to be friends with you more. Plus point: only the ones who truly want to know you will have the courage to approach you! 

Believe it or not, you’re the Leader.

Before you panic and start overthinking, hear me out.

Tip number 3? Don’t be afraid to say whatever and behave however.

The world is full of people who follow whoever seems confident enough to be themselves. *pokes you suggestively* you can be that someone.

I know that many times, it feels weird to say certain things, because we’re so afraid people might not follow or understand. We’re scared to express ourselves because the thought of standing out scares us.

But here’s the thing; you stand out in a way that will gradually make people want to be you. 

Imagine this; there you are talking to people about your hobbies and ambitions fearlessly they’re listening to you thinking, “Yaar, this person is so dedicated and passionate. I want to be like them.”

And that is how you become the leader.

Don’t Beat Yourself Up, Give Yourself a Pat on the Back

    Tip number 4 is something you should always remember. Don’t be too hard on yourself. 

Just because all of the above tips somehow push you towards opening up, it doesn’t mean you should beat yourself up if you don’t feel like it. 

Socializing: A Guide for Millennial

Stepping out of the introverted millennial shell is a change that requires time. More importantly, it requires patience with yourself. So, on the days where you’re beating yourself up for not socializing, remember the days where you tried. The days where you willingly made an effort to talk to people. Give yourself a pat on the back! You deserve it! You go girl (or guy)!!!

Socializing Doesn’t Always Mean Face-to-Face Conversations

    Tip number five of socializing for millennials is…. Surprise, surprise: Socializing doesn’t have to be face-to-face. 

This one is honestly such a relief for me aka someone who is a much better conversationalist online than in real life. 

We’re all stuck in the false perception of thinking socializing always means stuff like physically sitting next to someone and talking to them. Let me correct you there, socializing simply means talking to people. Whether you do it face-to-face does not matter. 

So, dearest millennial, what are you waiting for? Get on some online chatting websites like Omegle. Or, you know Tinder  *ahem* if you’re looking for that special someone. We won’t judge you. Go get your online friends! 

Socializing: A Guide for Millennial

Moreover, millennials are known for their new innovative ways. So maybe we were made to socialize virtually, who knows! 

With those tips on socializing for millennials, I hope you feel empowered to go out and socialize, be yourself and more importantly; show the world how amazing you are!

And don’t forget, when socializing just doesn’t feel like something you want to do; you can always retract back into your cosy bubble. No one can force you out of it until you are fully ready to take on the world, one conversation at a time!

// Socializing: A Guide for Millennial

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