Sleep Disorders // Ammara Syed

Do you have troubled sleep cycles? If yes, read this article and get some help. Having troubled sleep at night is like dying for moments of relief but unable to have some. Day and night is a universal cycle which Allah has made for humans. Allah has made day and night for humans to bring orderliness in their lives. Accordingly, He has designed a human’s internal body systems. A day is made for working and night for rest. During the daytime, a normal person feels energetic and enthusiastic about routine work and at night his internal systems get an indication of taking rest. Our body has indicators that get alert by the darkness of night. All these natural phenomena are meant to be fulfilled and if not disturbances occur. If a person is having difficulty in getting proper sleep at night, there must be some issue going on giving trouble to the sleep cycles. This article is going to elaborate on sleep disorders and solutions to bring back the disorder to order. 


A condition where a person is facing difficulty in initiating and maintaining sleep or the nights are going sleepless is known as insomnia.  There are nights where a person faces difficulty in having an adequate amount of oxygen for breathing resulting in awakening during sleep. Such a state is called sleep apnea. Another state is narcolepsy where the person has uncontrollable sleep attacks during the daytime. An individual may fall asleep during working hours while talking or in the middle of anything. Another important sleep disorder which occurs in the life of people who works during the night and sleep in the day time. Such a state occurs due to a synchronization between work shift and biological sleep-wake cycle, such state is known as shift work sleep disorder. The most common disorder in teens is the delayed sleep phase. In this state, a person goes to sleep at a set time but there is a delay in waking up. Such individuals are troubled with getting sleep before 2 or 6 am in the morning. Sometimes the long journey of days disturbs the sleep-wake cycle resulting in headaches and nausea. Such a condition is known as jet lag. This state gets better once the individual completes journey and takes rest. 


  • Don’t panic: Some of us are perfectionists. Lack of concentration, depression, and anxiety because of sleep disorders can lead to pending works of their routine. Such messy routines can panic them. At this stage what we need to realize is that no problem is born without a solution. There must be a solution to it and I need to find it out. this would calm a panic attack and give courage to rise and fight again. 
  • Healthy lifestyle: For healthy sleep, one needs to have a busy routine of the whole day to consume the energy of mind and body. One can join a sports club, can take part in household chores or can study hard if he/she is a student! After a busy day body and mind, both definitely need rest for which night is perfect to get some rest. As darkness enhances the release of melatonin hormones which makes the body sleep well. Avoiding light would be a great help for bringing sleep in.   
  • Life’s Fives: Humans need five things. If these fives are fulfilled it means your life is healthy and away from all kinds of maladaptive behaviors. Although ups and downs would be part of them; which is a natural phenomenon but having them are the essentials of healthy living. Family, friends, profession, personal and spiritual; these fives are basics, if they are recognized and given time properly, believe nothing in you and your surroundings is going to be disturbed ever. Keeping a balance in all of them is going to keep you healthy mentally and physically.
  • Coping with overthinking: some of us are sensitive, passionate, creative and innovative. When such minds are not directed properly they indulge in overthinking. Overthinking is never a bad thing until it is directed properly. There is just a need to give proper orientation to such creative minds. There is a proverb in Urdu that is “Empty mind a Devil’s home”. Overthinking leads to sleepless nights. Try to know your mental efficiency and indulge it into the respective capacity. 
  • Meditation: Meditate daily before going to bed. Think deeply about yourself and the way you spent your day. Think about the right and wrong committed during the day and devise strategies for rectification. Think about the basic fives (mentioned above) of life and try to balance them all.  

Sleep Disorders // Ammara Syed

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